How to Book Cheap Eurostar Tickets in London

UK and Europe are separated with a sea in between. If you want to visit any European country then there are several travelling options you can consider. You can either use air travel, go there by bus, or you can book train tickets. But the best traveling mode considered and used by most travelers to and from other European countries is by train. Eurostar is a fast speed train service which connects London with France and Brussels and it moves with a propelling speed of 300 kilo meters per hour. Eurostar’s London terminal is at St Pancras International station and its calling points in France include alais-Fréthun and Lille-Europe. Though it is slightly expensive than air fares, but using the following listed hints and tips, you can easily get cheap Eurostar tickets.

Visit Eurostar’s website.


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    Plan your journey ahead of the intended dates of travel. Eurostar opens its ticket booking 3 or 4 months in advance. Buying tickets as soon as they open can really do the trick and you can save handsome amounts of money.

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    If you want to book a hotel too, then you should consider buying their packages. In this way, you will get very cheap tickets.

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    Eurostar’s website has a dedicated deals and offer page. Check that page frequently to possibly grab an inexpensive travel deal. It also shows you the cheapest travel dates and the ticket price on those dates. It is the simplest method to get cheap Eurostar tickets.

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    Call their customer services number at the below mentioned number to book your ticket. Talk to the representative and they will love to help you out. Ask them for the available offers because they often have phone only deals and you can save extra money by buying tickets on the phone.
    Telephone: +44 845 7186 186

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