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Attorney General’s Office (AGO) details a policy guideline and strategic framework for the Law Officers and also coordinates with the Law Officer’s departments. Another important role of AGO is to guide the UK criminal justice system in addition to CPS, SFO and the RCPO. AGO is the Crown’s chief legal advisor and also holds the responsibility to supervise the prosecuting departments, besides some other public interest functions. As the Crown’s legal advisor, it gives legal advise to all the departments of the state. In 2007-08, the government of UK suggested that the attorney general, during consultations with the main prosecuting authorities, form protocol that marks out the relationship.

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    Facilities & Services

    The services provided by AGO include passing on sentences to the Court of Appeal if they are unduly lenient, to appoint advocates for the Crown, to discourage or restrain annoying litigants, and to protect the public interest family law and charity cases and to forward any important points to the court of appeal after an exoneration is done in any criminal case.

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    Operational Hours

    The timings of AGO are from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday.

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    How to contact

    The AGO can be contacted at the below telephone number or email address.

    Contact: +44 20 7271 2492

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    Attorney General's Office, 20 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0NF, UK.

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    How to Get to AGO

    By Tube

    From the nearby St James Park tube station, move east on Broadway towards Carteret St and then take the 2nd right onto Dean Farrar St. From there, turn left to reach AGO. View Map

    By Bus

    The closest bus stop is “Westminster, Westminster Abbey (W-bound)”. Use any of the buses numbered 723, 731, 741, 741D, 742, 744, 748, 771, 772, 781, 784, 786, 788 and 793 to reach this bus stop. Move northeast on Victoria St/A302 towards Dean Farrar St and turn left onto Dean Farrar St to reach the AGO.

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