Top 10 Tourist Attractions in London

London is full of treasures and tourist attraction that we all seize to visit while visiting the beautiful city. The City is one of the world’s most exciting cities. Diverse and dynamic, with its mix of the historical and the multicultural, the capital is not only at the centre of British cultural and business life, it is a major player on the European and world legal and commercial stages.

Fantastic choice of attraction in the capital city, the fun in London never stops and people from all over the world gather to see the night life, live shows, theatres and other activities going on in the city. Here is a list of places where you will go and never get bored.


  • 1

    British Museum, is the world’s famous museum that is the work of people from medieval time to modern times from all over the world. Entry is free but the special exhibition that is held inside you need to buy tickets for it.

    The British Museum Logo
  • 2

    Tate Modern, located at the bank of River Thames is a national museum of modern and contemporary art. Previously it was a power house that gave it a astounding shape. The restaurants inside gives you fabulous view across the city.

    Tate Modern
  • 3

    National Gallery, is a art gallery with western European paintings from the old centuries. In this gallery you will find work of some of the most famous names. Entry to the gallery is free.

    National Gallery London
  • 4

    Natural History Museum, house the collection of ice age animals in the world including dinosaurs. You will also find a 40 million year old spider in the Museum. In house exhibitions require ticket otherwise the entry is free.

    Natural History Museum
  • 5

    The London Eye, is located in the heart of London on South Bank is the main attraction that stood one hundred and thirty five meters into the London Skyline.

    London Eye
  • 6

    Garden Museum, was founded in 1977 contains collection representing British greenery through the ages.

    Garden Museum London
  • 7

    The Royal National Theatre, have three auditorium inside naming – Cottesloe, Lyttleton and Olivier on South Bank for visitor’s attraction.

    The Royal National Theatre
  • 8

    London Aquarium, in County Hall on Riverside Building established 1997 that in house more than 3000 marine life for tourist to come and see.

    London Aquarium
  • 9

    County Hall Gallery, comprise of three galleries which include the impressive, permanent Dali Universe exhibition in London.

    County Hall Gallery
  • 10

    The Tower of London, world’s most renowned building, that is almost 900 years old where you can capture the history as a royal palace, Prison and place of execution.

    Tower of London

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