List of Musical Instrument Suppliers in London

Consumers in London usually buy musical instruments because it is a hobby, profession or school based requirment. In order to be successful in any of these pursuits, quality musical instruments are required so that your efforts do not go to waste. A good instrument should last you a lifetime and should be properly maintained and tuned to keep the quality of sound. In order to ensure your days are filled with musical bliss, special attention should be paid to the purchase of your musical instruments. When dealing with musical instruments suppliers in London, make sure that the products they sell are of high qality and that the seller has the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the right choice. They should also be able to offer tuning services and warranties.

Here is a step by step list of Musical instrument Suppliers in London that should get you started on your musical journey:


  • 1

    Chappell of Bond Street carries an extensive stock of printed music publications and backing tracks from many music publishers all around the world. Majority of item

    s are readily available from their normal stock.

  • 2

    Foote's Ltd has on display the largest selection of Drums, Percussion, Woodwind Brass and String Instruments in Central London. Their knowledgeable staff has a great passion for the instruments they play and sell.

  • 3

    Macari's Ltd has a helpful and friendly staff in this warm welcoming store, and expert knowledge of all things related to music. It is a perfect place for beginners and pro's alike to seek advice and search for the instrument of their dreams!

  • 4

    Hobgoblin Music is packed with information about folk, traditional and celtic music. The catalog section offers over 2000 items for sale. It is an Aladdin's cave for all kinds of new and secondhand musical instruments.

  • 5

    The Schott Music Shop has been in London for over 100 years. Within their retail outlet and online shop, you can buy from a catalogue of thousands of titles by dozens of publishers.

  • 6

    Sound Control contains music guitars, drums, keyboards, musical instruments, dj equipment, used music gear, drum se

    ts, bass guitars, drum kits, string instruments and guitars.

  • 7

    Duke of Uke stocks a wide range of new and vintage ukuleles, banjos, guitars, acoustic bass guitars, mandolins, harmonicas and other instruments including a selection of amps and FX, and accessories.

  • 8

    Ivor Mairants Musicentre makes musicians feel like little kids in a candy store with its wide variety of musical instruments.

  • 9

    Barbican Chimes Music Shop stocks a wide range of printed music, accessories and instruments. If you cannot see what you need on the site, please do not hesitate to call or email them.

  • 10

    London Guitar Studio sells a wide range of guitars including Alhambra, Esteve, Granados and Burguet. They do not compromise - which is provided on reasonable rates.

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