How to Sell a Beauty Spa Business in London

Although beauty salon or spa is a kind of business that according to industry analysts have performed much better during the recession, there might be some reasons that can make its owner to sell it out. While selling a beauty spa business in London, the owner always look to get the best rate, which is one of the daunting task to achieve. However, there are some simple steps that can make it easy to get better price in short time. If you are looking to sell a beauty spa business in British capital, here is a step by step guide for selling a beauty spa business in London that should help you in selling your business.


  • 1

    Valuation of Beauty Spa Business

    First of all you need to know the real value of your business before you can put it on sale. Valuator will tell you the real value of your business. To get the value of your business, you can contact business valautor in London. Some top-ranked valuating agencies.

    (a) John D Wood & Co

    (b) Castles Estate Agents

    (c) BUNCH & DUKE

  • 2

    Contact Business Brokers

    After you have been given the idea about the estimated value of your business, you need to contact business broker who will put your beauty spa business on sale. He will check your business and search for the best party that can offer you good price for your business. Here are some business brokers in London.

    (a) Sunbelt Business Brokers

    (b) Horizon Business Agents

    (c) Abacus Business Sales

  • 3

    Online Business Portal Advertisement

    If you want to sale you beauty spa business directly, you can post an advertisement in online business markets. There are many online business website from where you can sale your business. However, when you post an advertisement on business portal, you should mention the particulars of your business like square feet, accessories, location, parking facility near location, transportation etc. Here are some online business portals where you can post your advertisement.

    (a) London Property Free Advertising
    Visit London Property Free Advertising Website

    (b) Right Move
    Visit Right Move Website

    (c) Right Biz
    Visit Right Biz Website

  • 4

    Advertising Agencies

    Here are advertising agencies that can help you in getting your advertisement prepare.

    (a) T4 Media Ltd

    (b) Leagas Delaney Ltd

    (c) Saatchi & Saatchi

  • 5

    Print Advertisement

    You can also publish an ad in newspapers and local magazines. It will help you focus on the local potential clients. To publish an ad in a newspaper you will have to contact an advertising agency which will design and manage a spot for you in your desired newspaper. Below are some of the most read Newspapers in London.

    1. Telegraph

    2. Daily Star:

    3. The Guardian

  • 6

    Sort out the best deal

    After your campaign you may find many interesting parties that wanted to buy your beauty spa business. Once you get offers, you need to asses the best offer before you proceed further. You aim should be to get the maximum profit out of your deal.

  • 7

    Negotiate the Deal

    If you are going to make a deal with any party, you should negotiate the deal in detail. Whether you will be receiving full payment before handing over the business or you will accept payments in installment. You also has to decide if you are providing other things with the business like accessories, property and name of the business.

  • 8

    Hire Solicitor for legal documentation

    Once you accept any offer, you will need to prepare legal documents to secure your deal. For this purpose you will need a solicitor who should be well experienced in handling business deals. Here are some business solicitors in London.

    (a) Lisa Cornish

    (b) Anthony Krikler

    (c) Russell Caller

  • 9

    Transfer Owenership.

    Now it is the time to sign the deal. Make sure to read and understand the contract before signing. Once both parties sign the deal and all the payment is been made then the last and final step will be transfer of ownership.

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