How to Use Full Plans Application In London

Full Plans is a detailed drawing which is to be submitted to the Local Borough in order to obtain a clearence / permit to start construction work. The drawing is made to scale all necessary documents to be attached, relevant to the construction work. The authority (Borough) normally takes upto 5 weeks to process the full plans application however it can be extended upto 2 months of time. London District Surveyors Association (LDSA) is responsible for guiding the building control regulations and ensures the safety of people in and around the buildings or sites constructed in London.

Visit Website of LDSA


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    LDSA Regulations and Technical Information

    Before preparing or lodging your Full Plans Application, you may review the LDSA regulations by clicking here. For other technical information dished out by the LDSA, click here.

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    Full Plan Application for each Borough

    Every Borough independently manages and overlooks the full plans application. Click here to select and then enter the website of your Borough and follow the instructions as specified therein.  The Borough checks the Full Plans Application and grants permission after ensuring that there are no anomalies or violations of the building code.

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    How to Contact

    The president of LDSA can be contacted at the below mentioned telephone number.

    Contact: +44 20 8825 9465

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    Local Authority Building Control

    Local Authority Building Control (LABC), is a member organization that promotes the construction of safe buildings. Click here to visit its website.

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    Location of LABC

    LABC, 3rd Floor, 66 South Lambeth Road, London, SW8 1RL

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    How to Get To LABC

    By Tube

    From nearby Vauxhall tube station head southwest on Wandsworth Rd/A3036 turn left towards Bondway then right on Bondway. Turn left onto Parry st and then right onto S Lambeth Rd. View Map

    By Bus

    The nearest bus stop is Vauxhall Park (Stop V). Buses numbering 2, 024, 024, 025, 027, 88 and N2 provide commution facility to this stop. You need to move southwest (just a few steps) from the bus stop on S Lambeth Road to reach the LABC office.

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