List of Korean Restaurants in London

Koreans have one of the lowest obesity rates as compared to other nations. The reason behind this is the Korean diet, which includes a lot of soups, vegetables, stews, pork and some beef as well. In London, Korean food is much popular in Londoners just because of the health benefits, scrumptious and tempting taste.

Because of this growing demand, numerous Korean bistros are popping up every year in London. These restaurants offer almost all favourite dishes from Korea. Few are serving Korean menus in combination with other cuisines, while others have given it a modern touch.

If you are in London and looking to visit a Korean restaurant, here is a list of some fine venues to dine at with friends and family.


  • 1

    Nara Restaurant, provides amazing Korean dishes that are rich in flavours and truly reflects the taste of the region.

  • 2

    Myung Ga Korean Restaurant, serves authentic Korean cuisines in London. Their specialities are meat and seafood BBQ dishes.

  • 3

    KAYA Korean Restaurant, is one of the finest Korean establishments in Britain. The restaurant uses original Korean ingredients that are imported from Korea, along with fresh local produce.

  • 4

    Asadal, provides first-rate Korean cuisine along with mouth-watering BBQ in an eye-catching and stress-free dining environment.

  • 5

    Koba, is another fine restaurant in the interior of London that is serving fresh and quality Korean dishes to food lovers.

  • 6

    Arang, has a wide variety of Korean food along with A la Carte, Casserole, Special Lunch Menus and other dishes.

  • 7

    Han Kang, has received good reviews due their fine hospitality and delicious Korean food. It was because of these fine qualities Han Kang had attracted many cuisine lovers to the venue.

  • 8

    Ran Restaurant, has a long history since it was founded way back in 1987. Since then, thebistro has maintained its reputation and quality in Korean cuisines.

  • 9

    Assa, is a destination for those who are looking to experience Korean cuisines at cheap price. It is the perfect spot to grab a quick bite to eat in between a busy schedule.

  • 10

    Bi Bim BAP Soho, is a modern, London based, Korean restaurant that serves tasty, healthy and affordable cuisine.

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