How to Start a Beauty Spa Business in London

Beauty Salon or Spa business has seen a rapid growth over the past many decades in London. Many new beauty salons have started its business while older ones have introduced upgraded services to attract the beauty lovers of the British capital. In the presence of many popular brands in beauty spa business, it might be difficult to start your own business but if you are professional with a comprehensive experience in beauty industry things will be little easier for you. If you have decided to start your own beauty spa business, here is a step by step guide to start a beauty spa business in London that will help you do it easily.


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    Decide a Name of your Beauty Spa

    It is the most important aspect of the beauty spa business as it should reflect the true nature of your business along with creativity. Most of the time names should be chosen depending upon the locality and the type of the brand you want to represent.

    (a) Create a logo, to promote your business you must focus on each and every aspect. It also includes the logo of your business, that should be creative and also reflecting the true nature of your business.

    (b) Create Slogan, that reflects the qualities of your business. Slogan should be catchy and attractive.

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    Decide Service you can offer

    Salons can be opened from small to big capitalization. Salons usually provide a wide range of services including body scrubs, body wrapping and herbal wraps, massage and aromatherapy, hot stone therapy and any more. You need to be clear that what are your specialised areas and what services you will be focusing on. Here are some services that spa business offers.

    -          Haircuts, styling, trims, colouring, scalp, curling, reconstructing and waving
    -          Manicures,
    -          Pedicures
    -          Nail polish, repair, and sculpting,
    -          Hand conditioning
    -          Body scrubs,
    -          Body wrapping and herbal wraps
    -          Massage and aromatherapy
    -          Hot stone therapy
    -          Acupuncture and Reflexology
    -          Derma abrasion
    -          Anti-aging
    -          Facials
    -          Makeup and makeovers
    -          Skin cleansing and care
    -          Body waxing
    -          Tanning
    -          Piercing

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    The amount of capital you require to start a beauty spa business depends on the number and type of services you has decided to offer. Besides this, you will also have to keep other expenditures in mind like administrative, salaries, inventory of products, required equipments, rents and utilities.

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    Location is one of those important features that make a business successful. You need to be very careful while choosing a place to open your beauty spa business in London where the competition is very tough. Before deciding about the location, you need to decide how much square feet will be enough to support your plan. If you are looking to open a small business that requires only 300 to 400 square feet, you may open it in your home. However, if you are looking to start at big level, you will require about 1000 to 2000 square feet. If you can find a location that has a parking and easy transport service, that is optimal.

    Some of the ideal places in London are listed below where you may look for suitable location for beauty spa business.

    Covent Garden, is one of most popular area in London when it comes to beauty services and shopping.
    Oxford Street, is the central part of the London which makes the area the busiest places of all.
    Russell Square, is ranked among the largest squares in London and is famous for its greenery and scenery.
    Trafalgar Square, is famous for its historical significance in the history of London where the statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson is placed to commemorate his victory during the Napoleonic war.

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    Register Spa Business

    Before you can start your spa business, you need to register it in parts of England and Wales. For the beauty Spa business you need to register with the local authority and comply with local health and safety rules. There are some locations in London that does not require a license to start a beauty spa business but in some locations you need to be registered with the local authorities.

    Click here to go to the government online resource to find local authorities and apply for license and permits.

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    Decorating a Spa

    Usually spas are opened with a particular theme in mind keeping in view the demands of the native people. Make sure that the Spa is according to the demands of the native residents which you can come to know by doing a small survey. Here are some steps you may take to decorate your beauty salon.

    (a) Choose a cohesive theme that the services you offer.
    (b) Buy furniture that is not only fashionable, comfortable and functional. Usually salons furniture matches the theme of the salon.
    (c) Use right lighting that must be bright enough to illuminate stylists but keep in mind the relaxing environment for which the customers walk in to your salon.
    (d) Fix high quality mirrors that allow customers to see while you are making a style or providing services.
    (e) Decorate the walls of your salon with calming creative art instead of fixing the photographs of top models.

    Get assistance from interior designers in London to help you out in decoration of your spa. Here are few of the interior designers in London you can contact:

    Designers Guild

    Interior Design Services Ltd

    Capital Interiors Ltd

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    Once you have completed your beauty spa. You need to hire competent and skilled professionals to put your spa business in line with the top brands in London. To hire people, you can multiple resources, like online job portals, and recruitment agencies. Here is the list of some online job portals where you can post your add.

    (a) UK Hair dresser

    (b) Star now

    (c) Job is job

    Here is some recruitment agencies to which you can ask for beauty spa staffs.

    (a) Tate

    (b) Office Angels

    (c) Blue Arrow

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    Marketing a Beauty Spa

    After completion of your beauty spa the last thing is to get customers for your business. The best way for it is to promote your business through various channels to get more and more people know about your business. Marketing can put an average business into winning position. Target marketing is as important as beginning the spa business. You should make a winning plan to market your beauty spa. Here are some of the ideas you can try to promote your business.

    (a) Create a website, which is nowadays a most important aspect of any business.

    (b) Promote your website, through e-mail marketing in which you communicate with your potentional client through regular packages and services in the saloon.

    (c) List your business, in local and international directory of beauty salons.

    (d) Radio or TV Advertising, is one of the most popular and successful method of promoting a business. However, these may be costly for a new business which still requires generating an income.

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