Arsenal Tube Station London

Arsenal tube station is situated in Highbury, London. It is an underground station which is managed by London underground and its local authority is Islington. Opened in 15 dec 1906 by GNP&BR, it lies on Piccadilly line, Travel Zone 2. The original name of Arsenal Tube Station was Gillespie Road, but 1n 1932 it was renamed Arsenal Highburry hill after moving Arsenal football club in the area. The station was renovated in 1930 and its building was transformed into a modern and wider building. In 1960, Highburry hill was removed from the station’s name and the current name was given to it. Although Arsenal Tube Station is not as busy as the others are, but it still holds significance in terms of the services provided and this is why it has various amenities that are provided near it. Places to explore near Arsenal Tube Station.


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    Restaurant and Coffee Shops

    Travelers and visitors have several choices of restaurants and coffee shops near Arsenal tube station. These restaurants and coffee shops are serving a wide range of foods and coffees. Some of them are;

    Garufa restaurant
    Il Bacio Italian restaurant
    Apollo Restaurant

    Coffee Shops:
    Le Rif Coffee shop
    Le Peche Mignon
    Globe Cafe
    Le Peche Mignon
    Mega Bite Café
    The Clock Cafe
    Cafe Vintage

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    Clubs and Bars

    Night life near the Arsenal tube station is full of fun because a number of clubs and bars are situated near it. These clubs and bars offer a wide range of drinks, beers, wines and cocktails along with live music venues.

    The Silver Bullet
    The Rocket
    Buffalo Bar
    The Holloway
    The Gunners

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    Hotels and Accommodations

    Many visitors and commuters travels through Arsenal tube station for their business purpose and just for recreation. There are a lot of hotels and accommodations situated in walking distance from the tube stations which facilitates the visitors with their luxurious rooms and a quality of services.

    Central Park Hotel
    The Pembury Hotel
    Costello Palace Hotel
    Arsenal Tavern Backpackers Hostel

    Other  accommodations:
    Finsbury Park Bed and Breakfast

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    Sights and Attractions

    Arsenal tube station is very famous for its historical point of view so there are many sights and attractions for the tourists to enjoy. Many of these sights and attractions are very near to the Arsenal tube stations and some are a couple of minutes away.

    St Joan Of Arc R C Church
    Highbury Fields
    Finsbury Park
    Arsenal Museum
    Clissold Park

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    Schools & Colleges

    Arsenal tube station has many educational institutes which are located in a few distance from the station. These educational institutes include schools, colleges and higher education system offer a wide range of courses. Some of the nearest schools and colleges are given which are very closed to the Arsenal tube station.

    Highbury Grove School
    Pakeman Primary School
    Drayton Park Primary School
    British School of Shiatsu-Do

    London Metropolitan university

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    Gifts and Book Shops

    Arsenal tube station is a very busy station and there is always a rush of travelers and visitors . Many shops and amenities have sprung up in its surroundings, and some of them are gifts and book shops which provide a wide range of books and gifts.

    Gift Shops:

    New Beacon Books Ltd

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    Health & Beauty Services

    Visitors and passengers who are traveling from the station can get rid of the stress of their work and visit the health and beauty services near the arsenal tube station. These health and beauty services contain  gyms, fitness centers, beauty parlors, hair salons, spas and many health clinics.

    Aquarius Beauty
    Fitness First
    Renew Medica

    Oasis Health & Beauty

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    Emergency Services

    Police stations and fire brigade services are available near the Arsenal tube station, which helps the visitors and passengers in emergency. Some of them are mentioned below;

    Metropolitan Police
    British Transport Police
    Finsbury Park Police Station
    Metropolian Police Sevice
    Holloway police station
    Holloway Fire Station

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    Hospitals and Clinics

    A number of hospitals and clinics are serving near Arsenal tube station. Some of them are private and some are under government control These hospitals offer excellent treatments and advices for health care and diseases. Some of them are listed below;

    Harmsworth Memorial Hospital (RSPCA)

    The Village Practice
    Pulse N7
    Andover Medical Centre
    St Pauls Road Medical Centre

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    Shopping Malls

    Arsenal tube station is very popular and is always full with the passengers and traveler. There are many shopping malls that are situated at walking distance from the station that offer a wide range of things to visitors and locals for their daily use.

    The Nags Head Shopping Centre
    The London Fashion Centre

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    Childcare Centeres

    Many of child care centers are available in the radius of 1 mile of Arsenal tube station. They offer the first class care to children by their trained and qualified staff. The individual care and attention is given to every child to develop his skills in a friendly and loving environment.

    Paradise Park Childrens Centre
    Little Haven Childminders
    Highbury New Park Child care

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