Best Romantic Restaurants in London

If you are in love and you happen to be in London, then you are in luck. The city is dotted with variety of exotic restaurants that set up everything perfectly for a romantic dine. From a first date to proposal to anniversary, London has the perfect places for them all. Be it English, French or Chinese cuisine, London boasts proudly of its diversity when it comes to food. From small cozy intimate places located in gardens to restaurants located up on the 24th floor of scrapers offering sweeping views of the city, cheers to this city!!


  • 1

    Bateaux London:

    Bateaux London is your place to be if you want to delight your partner with a classic British cuisine. With a magnificent view of the Thames River, this restaurant is surely going to make your time a memorable one. It is a cruise restaurant with freshly prepared food on board which you enjoy while beholding some of the best sights of Thames and London itself. Do not miss the dances after dinner on old classic hits.

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    Roussillon truly fulfills the French tradition of ‘fine dining’ with its accomplished French cuisine and an ambience that makes you want to stay longer. At Roussillon, you experience the best of every season with fresh food and vegetables. You can count on the restaurant at all times to provide you flawless service and delightful menu.

  • 3

    Rhodes 24:

    It is on the 24th floor of Tower 42, offering you and your loved one a sweeping view of London with all its life, lights and glam. Here is your chance to feel ‘out of the world’ because Rhodes offers you the exquisite dining experience every date demands. Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes makes sure the restaurant keeps true to its Michelin-starred reputation.

  • 4

    Gordon Ramsay’s Claridge’s:

    The restaurant takes its name after the famous chef Gordon Ramsey. Located on Brook Street, this place offers food so tempting, you risk forgetting your date. The restaurant offers private dining rooms and breakfast apart from lunch and dinner. The wines here compliment the meals perfectly. Gordon Ramsey lets you brag!!

  • 5

    Bleeding Hearts:

    With a medieval look, this place gives you a safe corner. It offers French cuisine with great wine selection at good value prices. Bleeding Hearts has a historical surrounding, named after Lady Elizabeth Hutton, a beautiful socialite of the 17th century.  Voted by Time’s as the ‘City’s most romantic restaurant’, Bleeding Hearts has a warm cozy ambience with wooden interiors and smell of French delights in the air.

  • 6


    A seafood restaurant with oysters, fish, seasonal vegetables and an elegant Champagne bar. Feel appreciated and special at Scott’s if you are one of the ‘chic’ clienteles here. The place has an amazing menu with an ambience that is bound to make any date perfect. Romance is at its best at Scott’s with private dining rooms and interiors that make you live and cherish the moments you spend here.

  • 7

    Odette’s Restaurant and Bar:

    With a Victorian setup, Odette’s offers La carte menus that make your taste buds do a little flip flop dance in sheer delight. The restaurant has a Bar and garden good enough to boast of with a terrace seating that overlook Primrose Hill. Best place to propose!!

  • 8

    Clos Maggiore:

    An open log fire, dim lighting, exquisite wine selection make Clos Maggiore one of the most romantic places to dine. With many awards to its name, this restaurant makes you fall in love with its six course menu and wine list. Harden’s London restaurant survey has rated it as ‘best for romance’. It’s a wonderland with open roof in the Convent Garden. Clos Maggiore promises to give you an experience unmatched.

  • 9


    Lamberts is a local restaurant with just the right touch of intimacy and romance. You get to enjoy seasonal dishes and the restaurant is very sensitive about sustainable production and using organic products. So, if you are dating someone with the same philosophies, Lamberts is your place to be.

  • 10

    Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley:

    With a décor that is both enticing and lush, this restaurant serves cuisine that just simply tantalizes your taste buds. At Marcus Wareing, you cannot help over eat; coupled with service even the crankiest of customers are happy about. A truly amazing place to take someone you really cherish

  • 11

    Galvin at Windows:

    Just as reflecting from the name, this place looks out of the 28th floor of the London Hilton. The windows give you a breath taking view of London and food just adds up to the treat. Galvin offers magnificent views of Hyde Park and the Buckingham palace and holds a rightly deserved Michelin.

  • 12

    The Belvedere:

    Located in a beautiful park the Holland park, this restaurant is all about grandness, flowers and love. It has flower gardens and a fountain that instill in you a sense of joy and peace. If your idea of romance includes seclusion and intimacy, Belvedere is just the place with its exceptional scenery, food and service.

  • 13

    The Ritz Restaurant:

    Ritz gives you chandeliers and velvet chairs with formal dress code. So if you want to date in style and elegance, book this place and order the combination of roast beef fillet, red wine and Malted milk ice cream. The dances after dinner on Fridays and Saturdays are much sought after events and will give your evening the last fine touch needed.

  • 14

    J Sheekey:

    J Sheekey is a sea food restaurant, tucked away in the heart of the beautiful Convent Garden. Its proximity to theatres like the Royal Opera house makes it an immediate choice for people after watching a performance. At J Sheekey you get your hands on the best of fish, oysters, lobsters, shrimps and fruits.

  • 15


    If you are done with the French and local cuisines, this Chinese place gives you a nice change of place and taste. With one outlet at Mayfair and another at Hanway place, Hakasan  offers the best Chinese food in town with its signature meals. An interior with emphasis on red, Hakasan can be counted as a good option for going out.

  • 16

    Chez Bruce:

    Chez Bruce is one place you can sit back at, relax and enjoy cuisine that has been rated one of the best. The menu here changes daily making room for seasonal delights. The environment is low key making it an ideal place to be with your loved one.

  • 17


    Magdalen makes you wish you lived here with its cozy friendly unfussy environment. Not to forget the amazing food that they serve, especially the starter of Snails and bone marrow. It is a definite choice for anniversaries.

  • 18

    The Ledburry:

    Ledburry has staff that makes you feel at home and strengthen your brand loyalty to this 2-michelin starred place. Ledburry is the best place for make-ups and apologies because of its informal environment. Do not forget to taste the flame grilled mackerel here and get your hands on the wine because it is so rightly priced.

  • 19

    Nobu Berkeley St:

    This is a hip, glitzy and glossy restaurant that promises ‘innovative’ food. It has a terrific bar to go with the food and an environment that promises a rush of adrenaline. Join in if you are the ‘cool’ type with all the starlets and football stars around.

  • 20

    Le Gavroche:

    Old fashioned place with immaculate service and food that is absolutely indulging. Le Gavroche still lives in the 60’s with no plans and needs to change its setup because it does not have to. It has a loyal customer base who believes it is an ultimate destination for romantic dates because of the ambience and the scrumptious French cuisine.