Oliver Thomas Nursery School London

Oliver Thomas is a nursery school that takes in children of ages between 3 to 5 years and provides them initial education. This nursery can be found in the London Borough of Newham, where currently 156 pupils are enrolled in various programs. These programs involve children in various activities that help them in learning as well. Oliver Thomas Nursery School also educates children about health so they can take good care of themselves. Moreover, at this very site, children are also learning different languages and those who cannot speak English properly, also have choice to take it as an additional language. Aside from that, Oliver Thomas Nursery School is now looking to extend its provision and might become a children’s centre in the near future.


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    Oliver Thomas Nursery School Services:

    Oliver Thomas Nursery School is another well established name in the long list of nurseries located in London. This nursery is offering several services to parents and carers who have admitted their children in this centre. Below are these facilities:

    Effective teaching

    Engage children in extensive range of activities

    Help children develop first-rate attitudes towards health.

    Staff of this nursery supports all the children of this nursery.

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    How to Contact Oliver Thomas Nursery School:

    In order to obtain further information regarding Oliver Thomas Nursery School, you can either call them to speak directly with the concerned authorities or write them an email.

    Email: info@oliverthomas.newham.sch.uk

    Contact: +44 20 8552 1177‎

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    Oliver Thomas Nursery School Location:

    Mathews Avenue, London E6 6BU, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Oliver Thomas Nursery School:

    By Tube

    You can get to Oliver Thomas Nursery School by tube, as this is located close to East Ham tube station. You should head towards Flanders Road after coming out of the tube station, from where turn right onto Folkestone Road and then take the first right onto Mathews Avenue. Oliver Thomas Nursery School is located on the right. View Map

    By Bus

    Londoners can also get near Oliver Thomas Nursery School by bus as the nearest stop, Flanders Road (Stop), is roughly 35 seconds walk away from it. After reaching this bus stop, head in the southeast direction on Folkestone Road towards Mathews Avenue, from where turn right onto Mathews Avenue and your destination will be on the right. In order to reach Flanders Road (Stop) you can use bus number 300.

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