Best Places for Sunday Lunch in London

London offers much more than just traditional Sunday lunch roasts. From Chinese dim sum to French exotic cuisine and not to forget the Italian delights that this highly diverse city offers its diners. You name it London has it! The wide array of restaurants with enthralling Sunday lunch menus promise to make your day more than just amazing. And when you go out to dine with friends, it adds to the whole experience of not only eating a delicious Sunday lunch, but also enjoying the company. Here is our list of famous and the not-so-known but great restaurants out there on London streets.


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    The Modern Pantry:

    If you are fond of experimenting with new flavors, this is your place. Anna Hansen is the chef here and she loves to surprise her diners with new unconventional recipes. She does the vegetables best in enticing ways. The dining room is a perfect match with the theme - large and bright. In summers you also get to sit outside the building.

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    Old Red Cow:

    As the ‘old’ part of the name suggests, this restaurant sticks to the old ways and does marvels with them. You will find a proper pub and a Sunday roast. It is an ideal place for meat lovers and families can order fitting sizes; even carve out the portions themselves. Being a beer house, it provides 14 keg beers to supplement the good food. The rest of the menu is British with an emphasis on beef and beer.

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    The Chinese menu here has an emphasis on sharing the nibbles.  It is a renowned restaurant and serves dim sum all day on Sunday and not just at lunchtime. Coupling up creativity and quality, this Chinese restaurant has found its own niche in the London dining market.

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    The Marquess Tavern:

    Designed to give a 'local' look,  The Marquess Tavern is the best place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, with starters as mouth watering salmon rillettes followed by a course of Galloway beef and ending with desserts that make you feel like ordering again.

  • 5

    York and Albany:

    One of the Gordon Ramsey collection, the restaurant serves roast corn fed chicken and roasted leg of lamb on Sundays. Try this out for a 'delicious' day.

  • 6

    The Duke of Wellington:

    How exciting does 'pork shoulder with potatoes cooked in duck fat' sound? Well it tastes even better. You could also try lamb leg roast or Longhorn beef aged four weeks. Try apple and peach crumble for dessert.

  • 7

    Hawood Arms:

    The Michelin starred gastropub emphasizes on bringing country delights to the town. Try roasted beef rib with smoked bone marrow for Sunday lunch. The starters and desserts are no exception when it comes to serving awesome food.

  • 8

    Dean Street Townhouse:

    A simple but enticingly fulfilling three course Sunday lunch comprising of potted shrimps for a start, Banham chicken or Hereford Beef and homemade ice cream for dessert. It leaves you wanting to make reservations for the very next Sunday.

  • 9

    Canton Arms:

    Sundays at Canton Arms are really busy with customers flocking to enjoy the open fire and be served in rustic dishes. The food is reputed to be one of the best in town. Lamb shoulder is a favorite among the Sunday clientele.

  • 10

    The Cadogan Arms:

    Martin brothers here serve Sunday roasts in classic Swish ambiance. A leather interior with walls marked with deer head displays, the gastropub serves good roasted chicken and beef.

  • 11

    The Delaunay:

    A European menu with superb service should make this Wolseley sibling your Sunday destination. The place serves roast rib and brunch dishes to London's elite and intellectual class.

  • 12

    Bull and Last:

    Roast Patridge or roast rib, you are in for a treat anyways. Bull and Last has a Sunday menu that makes you wish Sundays came twice a week, for food reasons ofcourse.

  • 13

    The Compass

    Beef and Pork are the specialty of this Sunday lunch destination. Dig into the seasonal varieties that accompany these two main courses. At The Compass, feel young and friendly with the immaculate and friendly service.

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