List of Beauty Salons in London

Are you looking for top beauty salons in London? Beauty is a characteristic of a person and an ideal beauty is an entity which is admired, or possesses features widely attributed to beauty in a particular Culture, for perfection. Therefore Beauty is everyone’s concern and that is why everyone tends to visit parlors, and salons facility to keep themselves beautiful.

No one wants to trust beauty clinics that are either new or not recognized and ladies in London pursue beauty salons with recognized services and facilities.

We have listed down the top beauty salons which are present in the capital city of London. Pay them all a visit and see which one suits you the best. All of them have a lot to offer.


  • 1

    Emporium Treatment Clinic, working from last 3 decades and are specialized in providing health, skin care and beauty treatments in London.

  • 2

    The Beauty Bloom by kinga, in London provides beauty services anywhere you want for all the busy people living in the city who are looking for more personal services.

    The Beauty Bloom by kinga
  • 3

    Highgate Beauty Room and mobile, offers special treatments to female clients at a very reasonable price.  Highgate also provide in home beauty treatment.

    Highgate beauty room & mobile service
  • 4

    Max Hairdresser,  provides services related to hair treatment and cutting. The hairdresser has high tech equipment for your hair needs.

    Max hairdresser
  • 5

    Beautiful Harmony, has highly qualified beauty therapists who are dedicated to pampering you with wide range of luxurious treatments with special way.

    Beautiful Harmony
  • 6

    The Beauty Lounge, is a secret haunt of movie stars, musicians, royalty and those with a desire for high quality service and privacy, as well as long last and bright results.

    The Beauty Lounge
  • 7

    Coco Nail Bar, provides services with highly skilled technicians and nail products to meet your needs. They also have the facility for Spa, and massage chairs.

    Coco nail baar
  • 8

    Rock Chic Nails and lashes, is a Nail and lash salon that have a wide range of nail colors and highly trained staff. Rock Chic offers manicure, pedicure, nails and eye lash extensions.

    Rock nails
  • 9

    Windle and Moodie, on Covent Garden in London is one of the best salons, with relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Hairdressing is done with high standard at Windle and Moodie.

    Windle and Moodie logo
  • 10

    Paul Edmonds, is the high standard hairdressing and salon of Paul Edmonds himself that offers luxury with friendly and warm surroundings.

    Paul Edmonds

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