How to Sell Used Cars in London

If you are planning to sell your used car in London, you wouldn’t be upset with the response of buyers in spite of prevailing recession. The reason is that there are still numerous people and businesses that require cars for their daily use and used cars are cheaper in comparison to the new ones. Thus, all you need to do is to present and list your car for sale in a way that it’ll entice every buyer, who read or see it. However, selling a used car is an art and not many people are familiar with it. Therefore, such sellers wouldn’t get good cash in return for their vehicle. Here is a step by step guide that will help sell used car in London.


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    Clean and Repair

    If you are looking to sell your car for yourself, first thing you should do is to clean up your car and also do the repair work. Because no one is interested in buying a car that fail to attract them in first sight. Moreover, you also wouldn’t get good money for a car that is not maintained well.

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    List Options

    After completing the clean and repair work, make a list of the options in your car. For instance air bags, power steering, power windows, automated locks, scratch less body, keyless entry and car alarm. More options your car possess, more buyers it’ll attract. Also don’t forget to note the mileage of your car because low mileages often entice buyers.

    Then, note down the make, model, engine size and other relevant details of your vehicle.

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    Now its time to price your car which can be done easily by accessing price guides available on different websites. With the help of a price guide you’ll be able to get an idea how much money you’ll get for your vehicle. Below are such few websites which are providing valuation services online.

    (a) Visit Kelly Blue Book Website

    (b) Visit Auto Trader Website

    (c) Visit Parkers Website

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    After getting an idea about your car’s price, decide how you are going to sell it i.e. through auction or by listing it online or sell it to or through a local used car dealer.

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    Car Auction

    Car auction is an easy and speedy way to sell your car and another benefit of selling your car through auction is that owner gets to set the starting price of his or her car. However, its up to audience whether they bid for it or not. Below is small list of companies through whom you can auction your vehicle.

    (a) Manheim Auction Centres

    (b) Dingwall Motor Auctions

    (c) British Car Auctions Ltd

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    Used Car Dealers

    If you want to sell your car to or through a used cars dealer, you can get cash for your vehicle or you can exchange it from another car. Here is a list of such dealerships which can help you sell your car for good cash.

    (a) MFI Car Sales

    (b) LMC Cars

    (c) The Car Shop

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    On-line Selling

    If you are planning to sell your car online then, take photos of the vehicle from different angles, both inside and out, in order to list your car for sale on the website along with its pictures. Try to take your car photos with a digital camera for good results. Below are few websites that list used cars for sale.

    (a) Visit Auto Trader Website

    (b) Visit This is London Motors Website

    (c) Visit Gumtree Website

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    If you fail to get a buyer for your used car in London with the help of above mentioned ways then you can advertise your vehicle in newspapers or magazines. These magazines and newspaper will charge fee for listing the sale advertisement of your car. In this ad you will mention all options and aspects of your vehicle that can attract buyers and title the ad with a catchy headline. Don’t forget to include your contact number or email in the ad so potential buyers can contact you. Below are details of few advertising agencies that offer services in London.

    (a) McCann Erickson Ltd

    (b) FK3

    (c) Saatchi & Saatchi

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    Finalise deal

    Once the potential buyer or buyers starts approaching you then, carefully choose the best offer or negotiate if required. After negotiating fix the price and when you receive all money then you have to transfer ownership to buyer's name. You will have to notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) that you have sold your vehicle and the buyer have to notify about purchasing the vehicle.

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