How to Reserve a Hotel in London

Booking hotel room in advance is a necessity for any tourist or business man visiting London. The British capital is a hotspot for tourists and during peak times most hotels are booked in advance and cannot offer rooms. In order to book your hotel room, make sure that you have your travel plans finalised before you do so. This will keep you away from making last minute cancellations or being charged extra fees. Once you have an itinerary of your tour completed, you should go ahead and make your hotel booking. To make sure you are not left out in the cold the next time you visit London, here is a step by step guide that will help you book a hotel room.


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    Decide on a hotel

    This is probably the most important aspect of  making reservations. Make sure your hotel is close to where you will need to go and has the necessary amenities that you need. A busines man may not need a view but will require internet or a conference. So make your selection accordingly. On your trip to the city, if you find list of Hotels In London earlier, it'll save enough time. Do check hotels near Hotels near Victoria Railway Station if you're coming from nearest city via rail. Further you might find Hotels near Waterloo Tube Station great option to save time and money while travelling by tube within the city.

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    Booking through Tour Planners

    The most convenient and economical way to book a hotel you have chosen is by using the services of a tour planner. There are many tour planners who run websites to provide travelers a direct booking facility. Visit respective website of online booking providers. There will be a form usually on the front page. It will ask you to enter check in and out dates, number of rooms you want, and how many are with you. If you are planning to travel and wish to enjoy your trip consistently, then take help form the web sites of London's eminent bed and breakfast services, which are provided below.


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    Booking through a Website

    Visit the respective website of the hotel you have chosen and search for a booking section. Most of the time hotels website provides a booking form on the front page. Write your name, give your identity, phone number and e-mail address along with check in and out dates, number of rooms you want to book in the form and press enter. Website will provide you information whether the room is available. If you agree with the rates, terms and conditions provided by the website, press enter. After you have entered your complete and accurate information, you will receive a confirmation on your given e-mail address.

    Here is a website of three of the top hotels in London that provide online bookings.

    (a) Grange Hotels

    (b) Crestfield Hotel

    (c) Grosvenor Hotel Victoria

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    Booking through Telephone

    Most hotels in London only provide information about the availability of rooms and price over the phone. You can find a phone number of the respective hotel from their website. It is usually mentioned under the “Contact Us” tab. Dial the number (add +44 if you are dialling outside of UK), the front desk officer will pick it. Tell them you dates of arrival and departure, your check in and out time and finally the number of rooms you will need. The Front Desk officer will tell you about availability of the room/s and prices. If you agree with the rates, ask them to book it for you. They will usually make the reservation under your name or a company name

    Here is a list of Telephone Numbers of different hotels in London.

    (a) Mitre Hotel

    (b) The Wimbledon Hotel

    (c) Justin James Hotel

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    Confirm Reservation

    After getting all the necessary details confirm your reservation and write down the confirmation number.

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