List of Flying Schools in London

A flight school is an institution that allow interested parties to learn the handling and management of a flying machine to learn or improve existing skills on practical basis. Flight schools are an economically independent operating company; it can also be a department of an airline, association or a state institution (a part of the air force) as well. In a flight school students learn how to pilot through their assigned flight instructor who is well trained in this aspect. This includes a theoretical and a practical part. The practical part is when you are being trained on an actual aircraft and learning how to pilot the aircraft yourself. If you are looking to learn how to pilot an Aircraft in London, this is our listing of recommended flying schools in London.


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    MFH Helicopters Ltd, can help you reach the sky a lot faster, this flying school has the knowledge and is proud to give it away, learn by practical flying or theory clearances it’s your choice.

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    Firecrest Aviation Ltd, they have trained more than a 100 students in flight experience built in 1984, they have definitely produced some outclass students that are currently working as professional commercial pilots.

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    E F G Flying School, taking on newbie’s and carving their skills to make them experts since 1947 EFG was once an experimental flight group, now they offer professional flight training with students making their way half way across the world.

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    Alouette Flying Club, highly qualified and experienced flight instructors help students aim for the sky faster than they want they provide training 5 days a week and also at weekends if you have a busy schedule alongside that looking at the rising price’s its remarkable to see that Alouette has somehow managed to keep their price quite reasonable.

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    Surrey & Kent Flying Club, Challenging the sky’s since 1959 The Kent flying club has been always dedicated to their students helping them achieve a level of perfection they guarantee to make you and experienced Pilot within a limited period of time and its clear to see that a lot of pilots in the British airlines are trained by Surrey & Kent flying club.

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    FALCON FLYING SERVICES, it’s been 40 years that The Falcons opened their doors to the students to come and learn they have the experience to teach any person how to fly high and safe, their aim is to keep the training cost low and the training levels high, once you enter the falcons you will leave a trained pilot not just that but with a lot of friends as well.

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    Global Connections, offering training in FAA/JAA/ PPL-ATPL Global connections flying academy has many years of experience and also has been helping newbie’s to learn since 1989.

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    Microlight Sport Aviation, deepak Mahajan was a commercial airline pilot, until in 1990 he thought to make a flying school to share the knowledge that he had and help others get a taste of how it feels to cut through the sky. Microlight promises a high quality, personalized training program that is sure to leave you perfect in flight experience.

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