List of Garden Centers in London

Due to urbanization two decades back, the green areas of London started to shrink so it was need of the hour to deal with affects of developmental and climate changes and preserve the natural environment and wildlife habitat. Many eco-friendly organizations started working to make Londoners understand the importance of capital’s plant life. This worked and a significant change was observed in the maintenance of front and backyard gardens and other available spaces. To serve this increasing trend of gardening, old garden centres expanded their setup and many new ones were established having a variety of plants, fertilizers, and other gardening accessories. The specialist staff at these centres is spreading awareness about different plants and the techniques to nurture them.


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    Fulham Palace Garden Centre

    This garden centre near Fulham Palace is a part of Prince’s trust. It has a great collection of top quality plants and a very well trained staff to help its customers in selecting right plants for their gardens. Its stylish gift shop has an awesome display especially around Christmas.

  • 2

    North One Garden Centre

    This boutique-styled garden centre with great quality garden and indoor plants started as a small backyard nursery. A helpful team of well-informed and committed staff contributed towards the growth of this shop and its award-winning services. Trendy garden furniture is also available here.

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    Camden Garden Centre

    Camden Garden Centre is one of the best garden centres of London. They offer a wide range of good quality plants and gardening products with expert advice. Moreover they are a charitable organization.

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    The Chelsea Gardener

    This luxury garden centre has an extensive collection of plants that can be kept indoor or outside, gardening essentials, pottery, trendy garden furniture and whatever comes to your mind with outdoor living. In addition to it, a knowledgeable and helpful staff is also there for customer advice.

  • 5

    Clifton Nurseries

    This is one of the oldest garden centres of London. It is a glamorous looking shop with a classic collection of pots, plants and garden furniture. Its elegant gift shop offers unique gift ideas.

  • 6

    Boma London Garden Centre

    Boma is a garden centre that also has an efficient garden maintenance section. They have a broad range of distinctive plants, pots, gardening tools and a beautiful gift shop accompanied by expert customer services.

  • 7

    Phoebes Garden Centre

    This is quite an old garden centre selling all types of accessories associated with gardening. Additionally it has a chicken housing, bird care, fish items for ponds and everything for pets including food and animal calming aids. An extensive collection of gifts is also a part of this shop.

  • 8

    Adrian Hall Garden Centre

    It is certainly a right choice for people looking for rare but premium quality plants, exceptionally well designed furniture and stunning gifts. Like other garden centres, it also has a range of feed and related items for birds and pets.

  • 9

    Capital Gardens

    Since it is London’s largest group of garden centres and the first choice of professional gardeners, it certainly offers all possible gardening solutions and services. It is the first company that introduced online store in this field. A remarkably huge choice of plants, furniture and other accessories is available here.

  • 10

    Sunshine Garden Centre

    Being one of London’s top garden centres, it offers an eclectic mix of rare and unusual plants and artistic pots. Moreover it has a café, a gorgeous gift shop, pet services and exclusive furniture - making them the highlights of this shop.

  • 11

    Finchley Nurseries Garden Centre

    Gardeners must love this exquisite countryside location displaying popular plants ranging from vegetables and fruits to pretty flowery collection. It also has pet supplies, garden furniture and relevant gardening tools and essentials. The intelligent and well conversant staff is always around to help customers.

  • 12

    Growing Concerns

    This garden centre at Eastend of London has a seasonal stock of interesting and special plants. Though it is a small spot but the efficient staff still manages to serve clients with a diverse collection of tools, other garden materials, and pots. They also arrange for Saturday Workshops for plant lovers to educate them about gardening.

  • 13


    Aerogarden is based on an idea that distinguishes it from other garden centres and this is to help grow the plants in water not in soil.  It makes gardening experience not only a smart and clean task, but it becomes much easier to maintain plants. The shop supplies colorful indoor plants needing only water and essential nutrients and a system that alerts about watering needs on regular basis.

  • 14

    Greenhouse Garden Centre

    This garden centre is located in North London and is the largest one in this area. From plants to pots, gardening essentials to greenhouses, pet supplies to gift shop - nothing is missed here as far as the outdoor life is concerned.

  • 15

    Robert Dyas

    Robert Dyas is one of UK’s largest retailers offering all kinds of housewares to home appliances, making it an entity that is not specifically categorized as a garden centre. But since it has a huge collection of gardening products including plants, planters, fertilizers, pest control products, bird care items and whatever a garden centre has to offer so we cannot miss it from the list of garden centres.

  • 16

    Growing Life Garden Centre

    It supports the innovative urban gardening style with an emphasis on indoor gardening including hydroponics. They have a continuous guidance program for a plant to grow from a seed to maturity. They prefer environment friendly techniques and promote use of recycled composts.

  • 17

    Shannon's Garden Centre

    Shannon’s – a family run gardening centre with remarkable services and high standard is one of the best garden centres in London. They offer professional services and sell exotic and excellent stock of seeds, plants and pottery, and organic products.

  • 18

    The Secret Garden

    This garden centre offers all kinds of plants, contemporary planters and terracotta at a very affordable price. Their helpful staff advises and guides customers regarding their gardening needs.

  • 19

    Dulwich Garden Centre

    Dulwich is serving domestic as well as professional gardeners from the last 25 years. Though it has a collection of plants, vegetables and herbs but trees and shrubs are a specialty of theirs - more precisely the Italian ones. They offer a limited range of gardening accessories but the products they offer are of superior quality.

  • 20

    Alleyn Park Garden Centre

    If you are looking for a variety of plants and herbs, Alleyn is a well stocked garden centre. It is small in size but the amazing services make it stand among the largest groups.  It even has a fabulous range of gifts and a wild life centre. So it is a perfect garden centre with quality services and products in a small space.

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