Ekitoobero Restaurant London

Ekitoobero Restaurant is an African eating place at Blackheath Road in Greater London. The menu of Ekitoobero Restaurant boasts various famous African dishes that will take the guests to this large continent with their special and unique taste. To create this magic, chef of Ekitoobero Restaurant traditional ingredients, which are used in typical African food. These delicious and high quality African dishes allure several customers each day, which includes both locals and tourists. Moreover, the food adventurers also turn up to this place in order to try something new or when they get fed up having typical food every day. Ekitoobero Restaurant is just a perfect place for such people as it satisfies their appetite with its scrumptious meals. As far as the prices of the food are concerned at Ekitoobero Restaurant they are also reasonable. Due to all these feature today Ekitoobero Restaurant is a success story.

Contact: +44 20 8692 0775


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    Products & Services of Ekitoobero Restaurant

    - African Food
    - Breakfast/Brunch
    - Reservations
    - Takeout
    - Delivery
    - Buffet

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    Ekitoobero Restaurant Location

    87 Blackheath Road, London, Greater London SE10 8PD, United Kingdom

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    How to get to Ekitoobero Restaurant

    As there is no London Underground stations in the one mile circle of Ekitoobero Restaurant so the best option to get to this eatery is by bus.

    By Bus

    The nearest bus stop for the visitors of the Ekitoobero Restaurant is going to be Egerton Drive (Stop) that is about 207 ft away from this eating place. Since this distance is not too long so its easy for the visitors to cover this gap on foot, which will take no more than 48 seconds. All they need to do is to move ahead in the east course after arriving at the Egerton Drive (Stop) onto Blackheath Road/A2 and soon they will find their destination on the left side. For better understanding here are walking directions towards Ekitoobero Restaurant from Egerton Drive (Stop).

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