The River Thames in London

Though Thames is prominent as the second longest river flowing from United Kingdom, but in England it is the Longest River flowing from Southend, passing from the capital city London and heading towards Oxford in order to reach Kemble – the last destination of River Thames’s flow. The flow of this river from central London has not only granted the capital various kinds of advantages, but it has also played a role in enhancing the beauty of the city. Various places and political entities are named after Thames due to its geographical association. Rising from Gloucestershire, the 346 km length of the river ends at the Thames Estuary in the North Sea. A minor part of the course flows from London with the tides reaching the height of 7 feet. Containing seawater and freshwater stretches, 80 islands are associated with River Thames and a great variety of wildlife is being supported by it.


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    Historical Significance of River Thames in London

    The name of the river, Thames, is a Sanskrit word which means ‘dark’. The river was named as such due to the dark and cloudy color of the water. Few people even thought that Thames is a Roman word meaning ‘wide’.

    Since the prehistoric times, River Thames has acquired massive significance due to the trade and transport route. London, the capital of UK, acquired good amount of fame due to the flow of the river - which was once the main highway. Exporting and importing of goods were done though the river which included wood, wool and seafood. In the 1700’s, this highway accomplished in increasing the trade business of silk, tea, spices, sugar, timber and iron bought from various countries. With time the traffic on Thames increased and several ships queued for a long period in order to get unloaded. In the year 1928, a disastrous flood affected London’s riverside. Many were made homeless and few lost their lives.

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    Things to do at River Thames:

    Sites and Attractions:

    Besides trading, with time Londoners have found several ways to make River Thames a fun place. You can do a lot more than exploring and relaxing around the area surrounded by Thames. Theme Parks and Royal Palaces present near it will keep you amused while the museums within the palace will give you a chance to take a trip back in history.

    Self Catering Facility

    Gardens located at the riverside are beautiful enough to become picnic spots, or when the sun is out, you can spend some time alone and enjoy the ravishing view of the sunset.

    Water Sport Facility:

    If you love adventure then hire a boat and take an energetic boat trip by sailing, rowing or canoeing.

    Dine in Facility:

    Experience the cozy and comfortable environment of the riverside pubs or enjoy an afternoon tea with gourmet food in open air seating.

    Bed and Breakfast Facility

    There are plenty of hotels and accommodations, granting the facility of bed and breakfast. Places with different budgets catering to every possible taste will grant you comfortable and calm accommodation facilities that are available near the riverside.

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    Coverage Area in London:

    Total 34 bridges are constructed over River Thames in London. Most of them are road bridges but there are foot and rail bridges as well. This link will take you to an article that details a few of those bridges.

    The port of London is considered to be the largest port of the world because roughly 45 million tons of cargo is transported through it every year.

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