List of Bartending Accessories Shops in London

Bartending requires a lot of finesse and so as a manager or owner you need the best accessories. For a bar or pub, it’s essential not only to buy the best accessories but to remain cost effective as well, because it’s business. You will find a variety in the market whether you are looking for sprit dispensers, bar towels or just any other bartending supplies. However, a business must make sure that the quality of the product is up to par so that it does not affect the quality of the services. In London, there’re too many suppliers of bartending accessories and it may be difficult to make right choice. Here is a list of bartending accessories suppliers in London which will help you to decide from range of choice.


  • 1

    London Bar and Kitchen, is the wholesalers of the professional bar tending and catering suppliers who offer free delivery service. The company was established in 2004 and since then has provided bartending accessories to many reputable bars across UK.

  • 2

    Splendid Trading Ltd, is one of the oldest wholesale dealers of bartending accessories. Located in the centre of London, the company supplies bartending accessories, including top quality pint glasses, Hiballs, wine glasses, bar tools and other equipments.

  • 3

    North London Catering Equipment Ltd, is the supplier and wholesaler of wide range or bar tending accessories. They offer some of the best spirit dispensers, bar blenders, drinks and cocktails accessories.

  • 4

    Jags, provide all range of bartending accessories in comparative low rates across whole UK. The company is based in London and has been in business from last many years.

  • 5

    Court Catering, started making supply of bar tending accessories to restaurants, public sector cafes and hotels across Britain in 1976. Since then the company has served some of the famous bars in London. They offer delivery service without any charge and special discount on bulk profucts.

  • 6

    Roneford Catering, has more than 30 years of experience in supply of bar tending accessories across London. The company offer all kind of accessories including Glassware, Machinery, Cutlery and Disposables.

  • 7

    S.O.S Catering, is the new whole sale dealers of bar accessories in London. The company is specialised in providing all type of hotel and bar accessories in single order.

  • 8

    Barista cafe Design, is a company that not only make supplies but also provide design facility. They offer special discount if ask them to design a bar and also order for accessories.

  • 9

    Pages Catering, is supplier and dealer of bartending accessories. The company provides disposables, cutlery and table wares across UK.

  • 10

    Nelson Catering Equipment, providers are sitting in the middle of the London and offering all kind of bar tending accessories in relatively cheap prices.

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