How to Get Nauru Tourist Visit Visa from London

Nauru is an island nation positioned in the South Pacific Ocean south of the Marshall Islands in Oceania region. It is the world’s smallest republic spanning just 21 sq. Km and the second least populated country after Vatican city. Tourists visit Nauru to fish and scuba dive in the the deep sea and visit the phosphate mines. Exploring the artifacts of Nauru tasting the cuisine present a great experience to the British tourists visiting this serene and tranquil island nation. Tourist from United kingdom also find amusement in exploring the remaining traditional forms of music and arts after its culture was mostly displaced by colonial and modern western influences.

If you are planning to take a break from London and explore this small island then go through the step by step guide on how to get Nauru tourist visa from London.

Visit: Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Nauru


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    British Nationals

    a) For a stay of up to 3o days

    A visa is not necessary for British citizens traveling to the republic of Nauru. A visa upon entry is available  travelers must have a 6-month valid passport with blank pages.

    b) For a stay of period more than 30 days

    If  a British citizen is intending to stay for a period of more than 30 days then he/she should get a visa from Nauruan Consulate prior to traveling.

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    Other Nationals

    If you are a citizen of a nation other than United Kingdom then you may contact the Nauruan consulate in Kent, UK.

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    Visa requirements

    The following documents may be required when applying for the visa at the Nauruan Consulate in Kent, UK . Make sure you have originals of all documents.

    a)      A passport valid at least for 6-months with blank pages .

    b)      Two Passport size photographs.

    c)      Postal order to apply for visa fee.

    d)     Proof of sufficient funds to support your visit.

    e)      A complete travel itinery with accommodation and return or onward tickets.

  • 4

    Applying For Visa

    You have to personally visit the Nauruan Consulate to apply for a Visa. You may call at the above phone number and have an appointment before visiting.

  • 5

    Processing time and fee

    Processing Time

    The processing time taken by Nauruan consulate to process Visa request is usually 5 working days.


    The visa fee is around USD 100. However, the updated the fee can be confirmed form the Nauruan Consulate in Kent, UK. A separate departure tax which is USD 50 is also charged upon exit from Naurua.

  • 6

    Collection of Visa

    You will be required to visit the Consulate of Nauru for the collection of your passport after completion of processing time.

  • 7

    Things to take along

    In addition to the necessary documents mentioned in step 3 you should also take the following precautions and things pack the following things.

    a) Mosquito repellents to prevent against the life-threatening dengue fever.

    b) Sunscreen and sunglasses

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