Selling Used Furniture in London

Whether you are moving to a new place or planning a major renovation, there is going to be old furniture you’ll need to get rid of. A lot of people just throw away their old furniture or give it away for free, and while doing it for charity is a noble deed, you should consider selling used furniture if you are not donating it.

In this guide we will show you how to sell used furniture if you are residing in London and make some extra money on the side, which you can then invest into your new purchases.


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    Assess the state of your furniture

    Before you decide to sell your used furniture you need to assess it. If it’s woodwork, check for worn out polish, chips in the wood and creaking joints. For couches, check the cloth all around for tears and assess the condition of the cushions.

    You can then divide your furniture into groups by condition and separate the pieces which can be improved by minor touches like a new coat of polish etc. The better your furniture looks the higher price it is going to fetch.

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    Visit used furniture shops in your locality

    Next you need to get an idea of used furniture prices before you can set expectations for your own. Visit local shops in your vicinity and check out items similar to the ones you’re selling.

    However, keep in mind that sellers usually charge more when selling but will buy your furniture for a lesser amount.

    Don’t be quick to get rid of your items and check with different shops. If you want, you can also take photographs of your furniture and show them to vendors who are interested in buying used furniture. This will help you get an estimate for your own inventory.

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    Go online

    You can also take advantage of online portals and sell your furniture without having to visit any buyers personally. If you took photos for the step above, you can simply post them online along with a proper description and expected price.

    Good portals include VivaStreet and Gumtree. If you’ve got specialized office furniture, you can try A4 Office Furniture.

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    Have a garage sale

    Another easy way to get rid of used furniture is to organize a garage sale and put your items on display for interested parties. You’ll need to print out a few pamphlets and put them up on public places which allow notices and advertisements. Alternatively, if you have a lot of furniture to sell, you can pay for a classified in a local newspaper.

    It is recommended that you hold your garage sale on weekends for the best chance of selling your items and spend the whole day there in person. You might have to negotiate with buyers who visit your sale, but there is a good chance you’ll wrap up the whole thing on the weekend.

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