How to Start Neighborhood Watch Program in London

Although, the fact that it is the law enforcement agencies’ job for safekeeping a society but what is undeniable is also another fact – that we are all individually and collectively responsible for our well-being. The problems of security can only be tackled as long as collective efforts are made. One part of those efforts is the neighborhood watch. It is when a group of residents of a particular neighborhood decide to volunteer and form a team to keep an eye on suspicious activities in their neighborhood. This can include any unfamiliar person who has been making rounds of the area and acting in a manner that makes people doubtful, or a car parked whose owner nobody knows in the locality. If any such activity is found, the neighborhood watch warns all the residents as well as the London Metropolitan Police. Becoming a member not only provides you a sense of satisfaction for keeping the place where you live safe, but you also become a respected figure in your locality for taking care of the lives and property of residents. This can be done by adopting the following steps;


  • 1

    The first step is to make sure you are capable and active enough to be a member of your neighborhood watch. Since the work may expect you to make rounds of the neighborhood, it is imperative that you are physically fit for the task.

  • 2

    Check your availability. There may be times when you would be requested to keep an eye on the neighborhood at night. This might hinder your professional, personal or social life, and so you will have to be good at managing your time.

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    If you think you are fit to be on the neighborhood watch, then contact your local police station. The main office of Metropolitan Police London is;
    Metropolitan Police London

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    You can also visit the Neighborhood Watch’s website that has information to help you get started if you want to initiate your own neighborhood watch team. 

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