Cannon Street Tube Station London

Cannon street station is situated in Travelcard Zone 1, London underground, and forms a central London railway denouement. Cannon Street station has a varied and long history in the area, it has been a mainstay in the community since its opening in September 1866. The station has seen many refurbishments and reconstruction projects over the years. The station has weathered the damage carried out by bombings during World War II; the loss of lives and injuries, due to a bomb explosion and a rail crash.


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    The tube station was initiated on the first day of September, in the year of 1866. It's structural drawing was proposed by Sir John Hawkshaw and J.W. Barry, the layout included  2 towers that were 7 meter square wide and 41 meter square high.

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    In June 1926 a rebuilding and refurbishment of the structure were being carried out.

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    Construction of office building

    In 1962, the British transport commission had an agreement with the Town & Country Properties to construct an office building above the station.

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    Alterations of Tracks and Re-signalling of approaches

    Since the station had been operational in the previous century as well, the tracks and platforms required upgrades and repairs. That is why authorities shut down the location from 2 August 1974 till 9 September 1974. During this time the tracks were improved and approaching lines had new signals installed for safety and upgrade reasons.

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    Bomb explosion

    In 4th march 1976, a bomb exploded in an empty commuter train that had left Cannon Street, the bomb injured 8 people in the other train which was passing by its side.

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    News for closure

    On 15th February 1984 the times rumored that the cannon street station is going to shut down, but it was rejected by British Rail.

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    In 1986, the refurbishment of the station's twin towers were being carried out.

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    Rail Crash

    On 8th of January 1991, a rail crash occurred when a train hit the buffer stop, the incident claimed the life of 2 people, injuring 524 others.

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