Best Places to Eat Out in London

Eating is not just about fulfilling your appetite now. It’s more like an experience of a journey to attain your dream’s deliciousness in every bite, which bounds you into an appetizing spell. No matter how hard your day was, a single bite of decadent food will fizzle out all your tiredness in no time. Perhaps, if the food is unsavory, it will have opposite effects. London is brimming with restaurants that contain scrumptious cuisine and allows you to have an unforgettably delightful experience. These restaurants provide quality, deliciousness and a variety of foods which you will summon into mind for days. Though tasty food is a key ingredient to make a restaurant worth visiting, yet it’s not the only factor. The style and service of the restaurant also makes its diners crave for its cuisine. In this article, a list and necessary information of the top ten best places to eat out in London is given.


  • 1

    Gordon Ramsay

    Three Michelin starred Gordon Ramsay restaurant is one of the most desirable and commendable places to eat out. This restaurant has maintained its reputation for many years by providing extravagantly delish food. You will find all types of cuisines made by perfect a blend of ingredients, and your experience of dining there will defiantly be memorable.

  • 2

    Tom Aikens

    Tom Aikens restaurant is also a three Michelin star winner and a well reputed place to dine out. It excites your appetite with some of the most elegantly cooked French cuisine. The spices are like potions at the restaurant, which are mixed together to create a magical charm over the diners. The new refurbished interior with a more natural touch makes you feel like a place to be at, while the excellent service and heavenly food, along with a relaxing environment, makes this place a must visit.

  • 3

    St. John

    St John restaurant provides you the most diverse cuisine specialized in “nose to tail eating”. The food is heavenly delish and the prices are affordable at this restaurant, which has revived the true essence of English food by providing a sturdy and meaty cuisine.

  • 4

    Sketch (Gallery)

    Sketch is a complex that incorporates art, food and music in such an enchanting way that not many have done before. The gallery is a meritorious and dynamic restaurant in the sketch, which has been decorated in an artistic way, providing its diners an eclectic environment. Their New French cuisine is incredibly amazing and the taste is inimitable, while the refurbished gallery is worth watching.

  • 5


    Nobu is another Michelin starred restaurant and is recognized for providing delectable Japanese cuisine. It astonishes its diners with classical as well as new, innovative Japanese cuisines, which have become the reason for their success. The interior of light wood and stone makes the experience of dinning there even more tasteful.

  • 6

    The Connaught

    Three Michelin stars winner, The Connaught restaurant is among the most distinguished and desirable places to dine at. Its extraordinarily rich seasonal flavored cuisine made by France’s most dignified chef Helene Darroze, allows you to enjoy a mesmerizing experience of dinning there. The interior of the restaurant, having dark wood structure with a contemporary touch, is best for romantic dinners and business lunches. In short, delicious food in a luxurious environment is provided there.

  • 7


    Hakkasan restaurant is recognized for its excellent Chinese cuisine and the dark, classy, romantic environment which is exhibited by its bewitchingly designed interior. Its Dim sums are considered best in London, and the Chinese cuisine made there is unbelievably delish. If you are thinking of proposing someone, then a dinner at Hakkasan is the best plan.

  • 8

    The Wolseley

    Wolseley provides you the most diversified quality of food. Whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner or afternoon tea, Wolseley will appease your appetite beyond your expectations. The traditional European interior design of the restaurant, with the staff dressed in waistcoats and ties, makes you feel like you're back in the times.

  • 9


    Interpreting the traditional Chinese cuisine with contemporary style and flavor, a Michelin starred Yauatcha Restaurant allows you to experience scrumptious Chinese food in an enchanting environment. Specialized in Dim Sum, they also provide you with a variety of other traditional and modern cuisines.

  • 10

    Le Gavroche

    London’s one of the most desirable food destinations and Michelin starred Le Gavroche restaurant has retained its repute and taste from the beginning up till now. It excites your appetite with exceptionally delicious classical French cuisine, along with a contemporary twist to them. The interior of the restaurant is vibrant and sensational, while the environment is calm and relaxing.

  • 11

    Boisdale of Belgravia

    A Scottish restaurant, Boisdale of Belgravia situated near Buckingham palace, is a renouned jazz venue. It provides traditional Caledonian cuisine, and the menu widely comprises of Scottish food made with superior excellence. The atmosphere there is simply dazzling, while the red and grey interior makes this place perfect for romantic dinners.

  • 12

    Porters English Restaurant

    This restaurant provides the finest traditional English food with unpretentiously nice service. Porters English restaurant is highly favoured, especially by the tourists in London and the classical food is tremendously delectable.

  • 13

    Strand Carvery

    Strand Carvery restaurant is known for its majestically blended flavors of traditional and contemporary cuisine, and it contains a variety of dishes prepared with complete delicacy. In terms of service and the surroundings, it is impeccable!

  • 14

    Babylon Restaurant

    This restaurant is one of the most luxurious places to dine at, and gives you the most excitingly delish British cuisine, refined with contemporary seasonings and flavors. The location is astonishing and the sky line views of London, from 7th floor, are just magnificent. The whole surroundings, with the exceptionally delicious food, makes Babylon Restaurant a must visit.

  • 15

    No. 35 restaurant

    No. 35 restaurant at The Hample allows you to have a memorable dinning experience, while providing the best traditional British and European cuisine with an imaginative modern spark of flavors. This sophisticated restaurant is known as the “best kept secret” among London’s Hyde Park restaurants, and the interior and surroundings are perfectly elegant and pleasing.

  • 16


    Indigo is a casual restaurant in the magnificent 5 star Hotel One Aldwych, which provides its dinners with delicious contemporary European cuisine. This restaurant is superbly stylish and best for post theater dinners.

  • 17

    Moti Mahal

    This restaurant is among the top most Indian restaurants in London and rich flavored and vibrantly delicious Indian cuisine is provided there. Modern Indian cuisine is cooked in the finest ingredients and the flavors there, and every plate is an art form in itself that is provided in relaxing atmosphere.

  • 18

    China Boulevard

    Situated on the bank of River Thames, China Boulevard restaurant provides excellent Chinese cuisine with a diverse menu, and the surroundings are spectacular because of the river view.

  • 19

    The Dorchester

    This is a stupendous 5 star restaurant having a brilliantly cooked diversity of food, from traditional grill dishes with modern spin, to contemporary French cuisine. The interior is also marvelously decorated, and pleasantly surprises its dinners at every glance.

  • 20

    Fat Duck

    Last but not the least; Fat Duck is a world famous Michelin starred British restaurant in London. Its unique and commendable menu and presentation distinguishes it from other restaurants because British cuisine, in an imaginatively modern taste and style, is presented there in its best form. Dinning in Fat Duck is a delightful experience for everyone.

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