Ways to Travel From London To Brighton And Hove

Do you want to know ways to travel from London to Brighton and Hove? We have given you a list of ways through which you can travel from London to Brighton and Hove. You can travel the city on your own car, on a bus, through the train and you can even fly there.

Brighton and Hove together form a single city, commonly known as unitary authority, Brighton and Hove. It is situated on the south coast of United Kingdom and is a highly populated seaside resort. Brighton and Hove is the most attractive, exciting and amiable seaside city, and millions of tourists visit it every year. The city was separate until  Queen Elizabeth granted it a city status during the millennium celebrations in England. If you are in the capital city of London and wish to travel to this wonderful city of Brighton and Hove, you will absolutely enjoy the visit.


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    Travel by Car:

    The city of Brighton and Hove is located about 54 miles towards the south of London. It will require traveling for about 1 hour and 30 minutes on the south of M25 ring road, and exit on M23 leading to Brighton. The journey from London to Brighton & Hove starts from the Palace of Westminster, which is also known as the Houses of Parliament. If your destination is unfamiliar, make sure you carry a map along with you, and also notes about the different facilities on your way to the destination.

    In case you need further guidance on driving instructions, follow the link.

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    Travel by Plane:

    Brighton and Hove is situated in close proximity to London. The city is accessible through Gatwick by using a train in as little time as 25 minutes, therefore taking a flight is not a suitable option. However, if you must - then use the nearest airport to Brighton, which is Shoreham's Airport and is located within 5 miles of the city.

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    Travel by Bus:

    It takes around 2 hours to travel from London to Brighton and Hove by bus. The cost of the ticket is between £4.50 and £6.50 for a single trip, which is comparatively cheaper than other traveling means. Buses leave exactly from Victoria Coach Station in London for Pool Valley Coach Station in Brighton after almost every hour. The tickets can be purchased online, and normally there is a 50 pence booking fee. Make your reservations online by visiting the website, or contacting a travel agency near your place. On the other hand, you can buy tickets from the sales counter right close to the bus stand.

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    Travel by Train:

    It takes an average of 1 hour to reach Brighton and Hove by train all the way from London’s Victoria Station. The fare is roughly £12.50 for a single trip and you can book it online, or by visiting the train station.

    First Capital Connect: This route is predominantly taken control of by First Capital Connect and the first train of this operator to leave London is at 10:35 am, and it reaches Brighton at 11:47 am.  The last train, on the other hand, leaves 11:05 am and reaches Brighton at 12:15  pm.

    Southern: Southern has, on average, 3 trains leaving for Brighton on different timings.

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    Attractions in Brighton and Hove:

    Brighton and Hove has a host of things that can be done. Starting from staying in great accommodation places to visiting different night clubs and bars and spots that are known for their natural beauty - the city has a plethora of places to visit and activities to do.

    Brighton Beach: Come summers and the beach is filled with tourists and residents. Flaming lanterns, echoing laughter and warm water of the beach will embrace any visitor in its womb.

    The Old Steine: This has a cafe, a bed of flowers and a fountain that will surely enthrall anyone with the beauty and elegance it holds.

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