How To Get Food Business Licence In London

Likewise other developed countries, the government of United Kingdom also emphasize their citizens to get their business registered, before opening it for general public. Hundreds of dine-in and take away places in the form of pubs, restaurants and cafés are introduced in the capital city, London. But everyone is not honest enough to provide quality and hygienic food. In order to find a solution to this problem, the government passed a law in which owner of a food business, will have to acquire a license before initializing its services. This will grant the food inspection team a freedom to analyze whether food business is running honestly or not. The agency set specific standards according to which the business has to work or else management is not provided with the authentic permission. License will actually register your business with the council. Whether you are an owner of a restaurant or be it in a movable structure, availability of license is essential.


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    Eligibility criteria:

    Remember that you will have to get your business registered 28 days before you inaugurate it. Besides food business in a normal kitchen, hotel, café or in a restaurant, people who are providing food in a day car center, butcher shop, clubs, guest house, offices, care homes, ice cream vans or take a way service providers, everyone is eligible to apply for a food business license.

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    There are two methods to initialize the procedure of registration, one is online registration and the other is by visiting any of your local food standards enforcer, who will grant you a complete guide about the entire procedure. Steps 3 and 4 mentioned below will explain you each procedure in detail.

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    Online Registration:

    Whenever a new law is passed related to food business, innovations are brought in the registration form. So make sure you acquire an updated version. You can download the form and email it or fax it depending upon you feasibility.  The form can be acquired through any local authority website of London. For on line registration Click Here.

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    Food Enforcer:

    The other method is to contact food standard enforcer, who will give a registration form.  In order to locate nearest food standard enforcer in London to your area form the link mentioned in the previous step. After filling the form with correct information post it on the address given below:

    Address: Food Standards Agency, Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London WC2B 6NH, United Kingdom, View Map

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    An inspection team will visit at your business’s location in order to inquire the data provided to them. Besides that they will have a detail meeting with you in order to analyze your views and ideas about providing hygienic food to general public. The team will make sure whether the location you have chosen is legally under your supervision and you have met all the legal requirements.  The team will also ask questions related to the General Food Law, so that they can be sure about your knowledge and awareness.

    If your business is in running condition they will also ask you to provide them the payrolls records of your employees and if you are granting people with the service of alcohol then they will inquire whether you have the license for it or not.

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    After acquiring answers to all required questions, they will make a report and analyze all the results in order to make a decision whether to grant the business owner a license or not. Team will tell you how long will they take in compiling their analysis and declaring the final decision. They will call you to disclose their decision. If you are granted with the food business authority, then you will have to visit their office and get your license or they might post it to you.

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