List of Building Surveyors in London

Before starting any real estate project, it is a good idea to get expert advice. Every location, including London, has different laws, regulations and requirements that need to be followed or you may have to face any legal action. To avoid a setback like this, it is recommended that a building surveyor is used before purchasing, building or renting real estate in London. A talented building surveyor will give you the proper advice and guidance to make your project successful. They will save your money by using their knowledge to steer you away from possible pitfalls and mistakes. In a metropolitan city like London, it might be close to impossible to build, rent or buy a property with out building surveyor services. However, before choosing a firm, always make sure they are properly licensed and have the certifications to do the job. Below we have listed some top building surveyors located in London that should get you started:


  • 1

    Jones Lang LaSalle, is a professional services firm that is spread over 70 countries. The firm offers numerous other real estate based services for investors and owners, making it a one stop shop for all your needs including building surveyors.

  • 2

    Lamberts Chartered Surveyors, are chartered surveyors that seek to provide personalized real estate consultancy. They are accredited by several UK bodies and focus on training and development of their employees.

  • 3

    Urban Building Surveyors, is a chartered building surveyor firm that has operated in London for 30 years. The company specialize in Party Walls, Rights to Light and Boundaries

  • 4

    McBains Cooper, is a large firm that has international experience and is highly knowledgeable about the real estate market. They claim to be the leading interdisciplinary property consultancy company in the United Kingdom.

  • 5

    Walter Winn Chartered Surveyors, is a central London based chartered surveyor that offers services in Valuation and Survey work. They also do lease extension and enfranchisement

  • 6

    Building Surveying Solutions, offer their services in the London area. They focus on providing their clients with as many building surveying solutions as possible so that the customer does not need to go to other firms for different services.

  • 7

    Kutner Associates Limited, is a chartered surveyor company that offers Homebuyer Reports, Building Surveys and Valuations in the London area. They are ISO 9001:2000 certified giving clients the knowledge that the firm is dedicated to quality.

  • 8

    Bunch & Duke, is a 185 year old chartered surveyor firm. They also act as property valuers and estate agents in different parts of London.

  • 9

    Propitas LLP, is a firm that focuses on the commercial property sector by providing independent chartered building surveying and project management. They claim a customer centric approach in each of their projects.

  • 10

    Bruce Spenser, is an individual property surveyor and provides a very intimate service for clients. His qualifications include MSc, MCIOB Building Surveyor, Party Wall & Structural Surveyor.

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