Lebanon Road Tram Stop in London

Lebanon Road Tram Stop is another light rail stop that is serving people in the London Borough of Croydon, south of the British capital. The tram stop boasts a decent number of patrons, which are not only the residents of the area surrounding it, but it also serves Addiscombe Road. The course of this road is east and it goes to the centre of the town of Croydon. All three routes of Tramlink network serve this stop, which also shares road with local traffic and buses at Addiscombe Road. Lebanon Road Tram Stop also provides an easy access to both normal persons and disabled, aside from other usual amenities.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops near Lebanon Road Tram Stop

    Lebanon Road Tram Stop is located close to the border region of London but still it has several eating places and venues that serves terrific coffee to their guests. The list of venues near this tram stop includes some international chains as well.

    Banana Leaf, McDonald's Wellesley Road, Porter and Sorter, Peppers Indian Restaurant & Wagamama - Croydon

    Coffee Shops:
    Pret A Manger, Starbucks Coffee Co, Costa Coffee, Caffe Nero & AMT Coffee East Croydon

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    Clubs & Bars near Lebanon Road Tram Stop

    Clubs and bars business near is also not too bad in the locality of Lebanon Road Tram Stop, which can be judged from the long list of taverns and night clubs operating close to it that maintains decent customer base.

    Ruskin House, The Granaries & The Roxbury

    Black Sheep Bar & The Glamorgan

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    Hotels and Accommodation near Lebanon Road Tram Stop

    The healthy numbers of eating places and taverns indicate clearly that lots of tourists also come to this region of the British capital therefore, hotels and other accommodation can also be found in decent numbers around Lebanon Road Tram Stop.

    The Croydon Park Hotel, Croydon Hotel, Jurys Inn Croydon & Fairfield Hotel Croydon

    Guest Houses:
    Atini Guest House

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    Sights and Attractions near Lebanon Road Tram Stop

    In contrast to the number of hotels, restaurants and clubs, the sights and attractions in close proximity to Lebanon Road Tram Stop are bit low, but still there are quite a few places that will be fun to visit.

    Museum Of Croydon, Croydon Palace & Black Roger

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    Educational Institutes near Lebanon Road Tram Stop

    Lebanon Road Tram Stop is also bounded by several educational institutes. Most of these educational institutes are schools, while the rest are colleges. Universities are hard to find close to this tram stop.

    Croydon College, Cambridge Tutors College & Archbishop Tenison's CE High School

    St. Mary's Catholic High School & Al-Khair School

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    Gift & Bookshops near Lebanon Road Tram Stop

    Gift and book shops also seems be the requirement of the locals residing around Lebanon Road Tram Stop, as both types of shops can be located quite easily in the suburbs of this tram stop.

    Gift Shops:
    Joy, Allders & Card Factory

    The Works & Forbidden Planet

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    Health & Beauty Services near Lebanon Road Tram Stop

    Inclination towards gyms, spas and various types of salon is also increasing with the time as media has created a lot of awareness regarding health and beauty. Due to this reason suburbs of Lebanon Road Tram Stop also has several health and beauty centre in its close proximity.

    Energie Fitness & Solutions Health & Fitness

    Maisie Fashion Spa & Elegant Sheek Spa

    I I Xalt Hair

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    Emergency Services near Lebanon Road Tram Stop

    The surroundings of Lebanon Road Tram Stop do not have the services of fire brigade station and ambulance in their locality, but there is a transport police station in its vicinity that can be helpful in case of a motor vehicle incident.

    Police Stations:
    British Transport Police Croydon Police Station

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    Hospitals & clinics near Lebanon Road Tram Stop

    The percentage of hospitals and different medical clinics is also on the higher side near Lebanon Road Tram Stop. People living around this tram station can avail these health services for a better and improved health.

    East Croydon Medical Centre

    Smile Dental Practice, Surrey Physio - East Croydon & The Osteopathic Clinic

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    Shopping Malls near Lebanon Road Tram Stop

    Another best advantage of living in the suburbs of Lebanon Road Tram Stop is that it has two shopping malls in its neighbourhood that offers wide range of products. Therefore, these two sites remain crowded with locals and visitors.

    Centrale Shopping Centre & Whitgift Shopping Centre

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    Childcare Centres near Lebanon Road Tram Stop

    Parents and care takers, who are living near Lebanon Road Tram Stop, can also avail the facility of childcare centres, as there are several such establishments around this Tramlink stop.

    Blue House Day Nursery, Addiscombe Child Care Centre, Aysha Butt Childminder (Aysha Butt Childminding Services), Little Learners Day Nursery & Gingerbread Corner

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