Bushy Park in London

Bushy Park is the second largest Royal Parks in London and is located on the north side of Hampton Court Palace. This huge park covers an area of 445 hectares and includes grassland, ancient trees, woodlands, ponds and streams to make the whole ambiance pleasant for every visitor. This is why not only people who have an interest in horticulture visit the park often for its ancient trees, but others visit to relax near the streams as the gushing water creates a musical symphony. This gorgeous park is the most peaceful place in London; and many visitors visit it every year to enjoy picnics with their family and friends. Bushy Park is also the home of Bushy House, National Physical Laboratory and red and fallow deer. This park is a hub of sports and is popular among local residents for hosting different sports.


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    History of Bushy Park

    History of this park started in 1529 when Henry VIII took over Hampton Court Palace from Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and also acquired Bushy Park. Bushy park was previously used for agricultural purposes but the King converted it into a deer hunting park. In 1610, King Charles I modified it by adding the facilities of Chestnut avenue, Diana fountain and Longford River to supply water to Hampton Court.

    Several houses were added to the park in 17th and 18th century that are now used as Bushy House and National Physical Laboratory. In the mid of 19th century, the park became famous among local residents and people visited it to celebrate Chestnut Sunday.

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    Things to do at Bushy Park

    Bushy Park has many attractive facilities and in leisure time you can enjoy at the park with your family and friends.

    The Upper Lodge Water Gardens has baroque-styled collection of pools, cascade, sink and a canal around the garden that will give you a chance to enjoy a trip with your family and friends.

    The Pheasantry Welcome Centre provides visitors facilities like information spot, café, public toilets and community rooms.

    Cricket Club four cricket clubs are available in the park along with Teddington, Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club and Hampton Hill Cricket Club. Visitors can get an opportunity to play cricket in these clubs.

    The National Physical Laboratory is a national measurement standards laboratory cited in the park and visitors can study there in a calm atmosphere.

    Diana Fountain is an area where a statue is placed within Bushy Park which has a pool in its surroundings with the view of mile long lined trees.

    Tennis courts are available in the Bushy park and they let people play the tennis as well as have coaching lessons.

    Wild Treasures is a guided tour to see wildlife places in the park.

    The King's Giant Hosepipe is a trial that takes people on a trip along the track of strange Longford River.

    Teddington Rugby Club is found in the park for people who are interested in playing rugby.

    Hockey Club has three hockey pitches and you can use them to play hockey at the park.

    Swimming Pool and Fitness Gym is found on the western boundary of the park for visitors' enjoyment.

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    Nearest Attractions

    Bushy Park is itself a great attraction among Londoners because of several sites within its premises as well as in its surroundings.

    Sites in the Park

    - Pheasantry Welcome Centre
    - Refreshment points at Diana Car Park

    Sites outside the Park

    - The Landmark Arts Centre
    -Canbury Gardens
    -The Architect's Gallery
    -Trowlock Island
    -YMCA Hawker Centre

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    Operational Hours

    Bushy Park is open 24 hours a day but during September and November, its timings are from 8:00 am to 10:30 pm. Entry timings in Bushy Park for vehicles are from 6:30 am till dusk but in winters, it closes at 7:00 pm. 

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    Bushy Park Office, The Stockyard, Bushy Park, Hampton Court Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2EJ, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get Bushy Park

    By piers:

    Kingston Turks Pier is the nearest pier to Bushy Park and is 1.3 miles away. It requires 26 minutes walk to cover this space. On leaving the Pier, head south on Thames Side towards Steadfast Road. From there go on to Vicarage Road then turn right on Horse Fair. Afterwards at the roundabout, take the first exit on High Street to take a slight left turn on Park Road. Later on turn right on Park Road and you will find Bushy Park on your left side after a few miles. Directions from Kingston Turks Pier to the Bushy Park.

    By Bus:

    Teddington, Shaef Way (N-bound) is the closest bus stop to Bushy Park and is at a distance of 161 feet which can be covered within 36 seconds. When you exit from the bus stop move in the southeast direction on Sandy Lane towards Shaef Way and you will find Bushy Park in front of you. Directions from Teddington, Shaef Way (N-bound) to the Bushy Park.

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