How to Apply For Carer’s Assessment In London

Any person who wants to take a caring role or work as a carer can apply for carer’s assessment. This assessment will provide the carer a great opportunity to get acknowledged and recognised. Moreover, the carer would also be able to record his or her requirements through this assessment. Above all, one can know whether or not a carer is willing to continue this job or it is getting awfully difficult for him or her to pursue this as a career, or it is hard to manage study or work while taking care of someone. Due to this reason, carer’s assessments are carried out on annual basis in order to keep their record up to date. The process of applying for carer’s assessment is pretty simple, but those who are not familiar with it can take guidance from this piece of work.


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    Eligibility for Carer’s Assessment:

    Following is the criteria that is used to check the eligibility of a person as a carer:

    - Carer should be more than 18 years old.
    - Carer must be providing considerable amount of care consistently.
    - Carer is not in danger of substantial or critical breakdown.
    - The person whom a carer is taking care of should be entitled for support from social services.
    - A person who is expected to become a carer is also eligible to apply for this assessment.

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    How to Request a Carer’s Assessment:

    In order to request a carer’s assessment, either make contact with the Social Care Direct to obtain a hard copy for the request or get in touch with your local council. Most of the local council websites are providing carer’s assessment form on their website as well.

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    Get Carer’s Assessment Form:

    The carer’s assessment form is available with the local councils so one can either download it from their websites (see the example click here). If this form is not available on the local council’s website, then contact your relevant council to know how to get it.

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    Contact Social Care Direct:

    If a person feels that he or she needs help from the Social Care Direct then that individual should get in touch with his or her relevant local council. For the reason that each local council runs its own social care unit in London. People who do not know contact details of their local council can get this information from here.

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    After Submitting Carer’s Assessment Form:

    After submitting the carer’s assessment form, a social worker will get in touch with the applicant and discuss the best way through which they can meet your needs. As local authorities cannot support every carer therefore, they use assessments to determine who requires their support more. In case of an approval of support, the local authorities provide the following services:

    - Break from caring
    - Payment made directly to carer
    - Divert towards other support organisations
    - Provide advice and information

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