List of Cheesemongers in London

There are hundreds of dishes which you cannot imagine eating without the presence of cheese. Yes, this food product plays an eminent role in making an ordinary dish into an extraordinary sumptuous recipe. Besides containing a good amount of fats and proteins, this yummy dairy product is being produced all over the globe in different textures and flavors. Londoners come among huge fans of cheese and this is the reason why cheesemongers’ business is so successful in the capital city. For making one of the finest cheese, the cheesemongers have fortified their position as specialized merchants of London city. Cheddar to Comté, slice to mozzarella, cream cheese to cottage cheese – London’s cheesemongers are famous for making the yummiest cheese in the world.


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    Paxton & Whitfield is in the market for more than 2 years, but it took very less time in fortifying their position as one of the reliable cheesemongers of the city. By keeping the English traditions along Paxton & Whitfield, they also sell dry-cured York ham or Brie de Meaux.

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    La Cave à Fromage is albeit a French restaurant - as the name suggests - but the cheese prepared here is purely inspired by the British style of cooking. All possible varieties of cheese are obtainable at the La Cave à Fromage, which include cheese made from goat’s milk.

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    Jeroboams also firmly holds the position of the best cheese purveyor. The availability of cheese along with some delicious aged wine is a perfect example of killing two birds with the same stone. If you are unable to pay a visit to their shop, then do not waste any time and place your order online.

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    Cheeseboard although has a small shop, but they are still known for having a huge range of delicious dairy product. For every celebration like Christmas and Easter, Cheeseboard tries its level best to help you in picking the best item.

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    La Fromagerie will grant you a chance to taste some amazing cheese flavors inspired by French and Italian style of cooking. You will be astonished by the massive variety of different cheese.

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    Neal’s Yard Dairy is another popular cheese purveyor which has been helping its customers easily select their favorite cheese from the varieties produced at the shop. In order to avoid the queue, you can also order your favorite cheese through the online service.

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    Rippon Cheese Stores is known for having 500+ cheese in their stock relating to every country of Europe. The staff available at Rippon Cheese Store is trained to help you select the right cheese for your recipe - which is an added benefit of visiting this store.

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    Sally Clarke is another famous cheesemonger who sells artisan raw-milk cheese. Though the variety of cheese is not much, but whatever is available holds huge importance and value.

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    Hamish Johnson is known for having a fantastic collection of cheese sold at a reasonable price range. So if you are looking for a particular cheese which is hard to find, do pay a visit at Hamish Johnson’s cheese shop.

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