List of Criminal Defense Attorneys in London

Criminal offences like rape, sexual harassment, murder or fraud are some major issues that Criminal lawyers in UK deals with. Solicitors and lawyers that work with clients involved in court proceedings relating to these problems are referred to as criminal defence attorneys. In London, criminal defence lawyers go to court and try to defend their client against the crime. These criminal cases are not always easy to handle, therefore services of an experienced defense lawyer should be acquired. However, before putting your case to a lawyers, you should check the track record of your prospective attorney. The attorney should be able to keep you out of prison, keep criminal charges off your record, avoid probation violation troubles and reinstate or limit the time period of already given sentence. To avoid complications in your case and to make your search easier here is  step by step list of few Criminal defence attorneys in London to whom you can contact.


  • 1

    Old Bailey Solicitors, has specialised criminal attorneys team that is working in the field of criminal defense. They handle sexual harassment, terrorism, and murder cases.

  • 2

    McCormacks Law, are among top criminal defense attorney firms in London. They can handle all kind of criminal cases.

  • 3

    BSB Law, has a specialised team of  Criminal Defense attorneys that has more than 20 years of experience in handling criminal defense cases.

  • 4

    Morgan Brown & Cahill Solicitors, is long established team of attorneys who combine to provide best criminal defese services to Londoners.

  • 5

    Daniel Berman &  Co, focuses more in providing defence against serious crime and complex fraud cases. They can handle sexual harassment, murder, fraud, abduction, attempt to murder and many other cases.

  • 6

    Sonn Macmillan Walker, is one of the largest law firms in British capital that specialises in all areas of criminal defence.

  • 7

    Imran Khan& Partners, was established in 2000 and since then has managed to enter its name in the top criminal law firms of the London. They can handle murder, sexual harrasment, rape, attempt to murder, fraud, and many other criminal cases.

  • 8

    Corker Binning, are located in the heart of London opposite to the Royal courts of Justice and are specialised in criminal cases like murder, terrorism, sexual harassments and many other. Corker Binning is renowned for its expertise in criminal and regulatory litigation with criminal cartel investigations.

  • 9

    LLM Solicitors, is one of the very few law firms that are solely practicing in the criminal defence.

  • 10

    Hylton Potts Legal Consultants, is a firm of specialised criminal attorneys in London. The firm which is comprises of many experienced criminal defense attorneys working in the British capital since 1999.

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