How to Sell Used Motorcycles in London

Many enthusiasts wait a long time to purchase a motorcycle of their choice because a brand new bike can cost a lot. However, With time a riders tastes can change or their focus might shift to another pastime and they will try to sell their used motorcycle. The second hand market for motorcycles is good and most people do not have problems selling their equipment. Since the market is not regulated, the variation in price and the quality of buyers can vary. That is why it is best to approach the sale of your bike in a systematic manner. This will notonly make the process smooth, you will also get the best price for your motorcycle. The importnat thing to keep in mind is that hasty decison will cause the loss of time and money. It is best to stay patient and weight all the options before making a commitment to a buyer. For further guidance see this step by step guide to sell used motorcyele in London.


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    Price Your Motorcycle

    In order to sell your used motorcyle first determine the value of your vehicle. The value of a used motorcycle can be done by accessing price guides on various websites or take it to used bike dealer (given below). By determining the price of the motorcycle you’ll be able to have good idea, how much cash you’ll get for your scrambler. Below are few websites that provide valuation facility.

    (a) Visit Bike Sales Website

    (b) Visit Sell Bike Website

    (c) Visit WBAB Website

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    Title of the Motorcycle

    Keep the title of your motorcycle readily available. If you don’t possess one then, obtain a new copy of it in order complete the sales transaction. Because if a potential buyer gets to know that you don’t have a title, he or she will shy away from the deal. Also if you have any liens against your motorcycle don’t forget to disclose it before making the sale.

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    Sell Online

    If you are planning to sell your car online then, take photos of the vehicle from different angles, both inside and out, in order to list your car for sale on the website along with its pictures. Try to take your car photos with a digital camera for good results. Below are few websites that list used cars for sale.

    (a) Visit Auto Trader Website

    (b) Visit  1st Line Motorcycles Website

    (c) Visit Gumtree Website

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    Used Motorcycle Dealers

    If for some reason you cannot list your motorcycle online for sale then, there is a second approach to sell your motorcycle to or through a used scrambler dealer. The advantage of selling to or through a dealer is that he or she can give you cash for it or exchange your motorcycle with another bike, as per your liking. Here is a list of such dealerships which can help you sell your motorcycle.

    Motoden Honda

    Motorcycle Store

    South London Motor Cycles Ltd

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    For quick sale or to increase the number of potential buyers for your used motorcycle you can also advertise your bike in newspapers or magazines of London. These newspapers and magazines will charge fee for listing such ads. Mention all options along with other details of your motorcycle in this ad. Also include your contact number and/or email address in the ad so potential buyers can contact you. Below are details of few advertising agencies that are offering services in London.

    (a) McCann Erickson Ltd

    (b) FK3

    (c) Saatchi & Saatchi

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    Go through and Select offer

    Once the potential buyer or buyers starts approaching you then, carefully select the best offer or negotiate if required rather than selling your motorcycle on the very first offer you recieve.

  • 7

    Finalise Deal

    After negotiating with the buyer, fix the price and when you receive all money then you have to transfer ownership to buyer's name by filling out all neccessary documents in the presence of couple of witnesses. Then, seller have to notify the about the sale of his or her motorcyle to Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and the buyer will notify them about the purchasing of bike.

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