How to Get Senegal Tourist Visit Visa from London

Senegal, a beautiful African country, mostly visited due to its traditional life style. Every year number of foreigners travel to this country from across the globe. If you are also planning to visit Senegal from London as a tourist, you need to have a visa for this purpose. It will be very easy for you to get the visa by following the below mentioned instructions. Step by Step provides you the whole process of getting visit visa of Senegal from London in a decent order. Below is the address of Senegal Embassy in London:

Visit: Senegal Embassy


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    Visa Exempted Nationals

    Followings are the visa exempted nations to travel to Senegal.
    African Countries members of UMOA (West African Monetary Union) and ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States)  do not require an entry visa. Similarly, citizens of countries member of the European Union (EU) do not need visa to travel to Senegal for up to three months stay. The government of Senegal has also allowed the five more nations to travel to their territory without visas, which include Japan, Israel, United States, Canada and Taiwan.

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    How to get Application Form

    In the very first step you will be required to have a form to apply for the visit visa of Senegal. The application form can be obtained from their embassy in London or it can be downloaded from their official website. To download the form click here

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    Visa requirements

    a)The applicants need 2 forms and 2 fresh photographs 1 picture per form.
    b) The forms must be filled accurately.
    c) You need a valid return ticket and an invitation letter or a booking of hotel if relevant.

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    Fee for Visit visa

    There is no defined amount of charges for visit visa by the embassy and it depends on the duration you want to stay in Senegal.

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    Where to submit application form

    The application form can be submitted in embassy of Senegal in London or it could be sent there by postal order. The applications could be submitted from Monday-Friday from 10'30am-1pm. The postal application require one empty envelop with applicant's name and address along with other documents.

    Senegal Embassy

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    Processing time

    When you submit your application it will take 15 to 21 days after submission.

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    Receive Visa

    You can receive the visa in person or via postal service if you have sent your application through post as per prescribed time by embassy.

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