List of Hiking Shoes Shops in London

There are several great hiking trails in and around London. In order to enjoy these trails to the fullest, a hiker needs a pair of sturdy and comfortable hiking boots. This prevents injury and allows you to get the most of your time out in nature. When purchasing a pair of hiking boots, a buyer needs to first make sure that they are buying a quality product. This will ensure many years of use and keep your feet away from developing blisters and other complications. If you are looking for a new pair of hiking shoes in London, from a reliable source then check out some of the places mentioned in our list below.


  • 1

    Kurt Geiger Ltd, has Japanese made best brands of shoes and boots in London. They have one of the best hiking shoes specially made to bear the pressure while climbing. They also offer online shopping and retailing.

  • 2

    James Taylor and Son, is one of the oldest boots and shoes store in London. They have a wide range of branded boots in special packages. They offer special discount if reached in groups.

  • 3

    Tower Boots London Ltd, has all popular brands in the boots industry like Timberland, Kickers, Levis, G-Star, Nike, and Adidas. The company also have special boots made for hiking in relatively prices.

  • 4

    Magnus, has a collection of hiking shoes that not only fulfil the demand of the customer but also remain strong for more than 5 years. They offer special winter discount in snow days.

  • 5

    The Natural Shoe Store, are specialised in selling all brands made with natural material. The store is located on in the heart of City and has top brands and specialised boots made for Hiking. They sell boots in a wide range of designs, colours, for both men and women in discounted prices.

  • 6

    Shoe Zone, are specialised in design shoes but also have hiking shoes from top brands. They offer hiking shoes not only with a quality of durability but also provide a design that make you distinguish from others.

  • 7

    Mudfoot & Scruff, stock a range of designs from some of the top brands in the World. They offer all kinds of hiking shoes. Since 2008 the store is serving the major part of the London and offering some of the best hiking boots.

  • 8

    Faith Footwear, is a chain of shoe shops that offers a range of branded and classic hiking boots in London. They have special discounts for the winter hiking shoes.

  • 9

    Schuh, has one of the largest collections of brands in London. They provide all kinds of boots from brands like Diesel, Adidas, and Hush Puppies. Their speciality is a designed hiking shoe that not only gives comfort but also work for longer period of time. You can take up to 50% off in winter on hiking shoes.

  • 10

    Oliver Sweeney, is a brand which makes a wide range of hiking shoes. They not only produce high quality but also introduce durability. In winter the store offer up to 50% percent off on boots and other products.

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