Disabled Access at Waterloo Tube Station London

Guide to find Disabled Access facilities at Waterloo Tube Station in London in a step by step manner. There are many facilities available for disabled person on Waterloo tube station to make their journey in ease. They are different ways to avail the services, either you can go to the station and seek the assistance or you can call the station administration for the arrangement of required facility you are seeking. Since Waterloo Tube Station is Centre hub of transportation therefore station management have provided many facilities for disabled people traveling for the Waterloo Tube Station.

Services include accessible ticket machines, Induction loop, Ramp for train access, Accessible taxi, Accessible public telephone, Accessible toilets, Step free Access coverage, Disabled parking, Wheel chair, Elevators, escalators, Travel assistance, Railcard, on board facilities and Mobility scooters.


  • 1

    Travel Assistance, is a service at Waterloo tube station if you are making journey and need assistance in getting on or off the train, or ramps for wheelchairs.

  • 2

    Disabled Person Railcard, is a service for disabled person on Waterloo tube station for discounted fares. It cost just 20 sterling Pounds for 1 year or 54 sterling Pounds for 3 years.

  • 3

    Station Made Easy, can be helpful to have an idea of what Waterloo tube station looks like before you get there. Station made easy allows you to plan a route around the station and see photos of it.

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    Train Facilities, are onboard facilities on the trains coming to Waterloo tube station for disabled people. You can contact the Station chief for more information on it.

  • 5

    Mobility Scooters, are wheelchairs and powered scooter service on Waterloo tube station for disabled people and can be availed by contacting the Station management.

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