Things to do in London Over Easter

Christian community celebrates Easter as resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is a religious belief according to which Jesus return to life on the third day (Sunday) after his crucifixion at Calvary. In order to celebrate this event several activities takes place in the British capital like in most of other parts of the globe. Therefore, Londoners have a wide range of things to do over Easter which includes circus, chocolate festivals, cabaret, comedy shows, egg hunt and much more. So there is almost everything for all age groups to do over the Easter in London that will keep them busy throughout the bank holidays.


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    Chocolate Festival, is a fun festivity for the Londoners, who love to try out different chocolates. This festival is open for people of all ages, who can come to Southbank centre and take part in the workshops, demonstration and tasting sessions of all manners just before Easter.

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    Messiah, at Royal Festival Hall is a great venue to see comedy show and cabaret. These shows also take place in the Southbank Centre, where Londoners come, enjoy and applaud the acts of various performers.

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    Real Food Market, is another great place to be on the eve of Easter bank holidays. This market is set up in the Southbank Centre Square, where visitors cannot only buy different seasonal food, but they can also purchase Easter gifts.

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    Strictly Easter Ballroom, is another fun place for the dance fans on Good Friday, where Londoners can take free demonstration sessions, lessons and can also dance to live music.

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    Museum of London, can also be visited over Easter, where children will find specially themed animal events. In addition to this, families can partake in various arts and crafts arranged by the authorities of this museum and much more.

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    Kew Gardens, is a delightful place to be on the eve of Easter, as there lot of activities to see and do especially for children. These activities also include a chocolate adventure as well that is unveiled especially on the occasion of Easter.

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    Zippos Circus London, is another entertaining place to be on Easter, where audience will get to see various amusing shows.

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    Easter Egg Hunt, at Battersea Park Zoo is a exciting adventure for the special kids, who will search for eggs that are hidden in various animal houses. A quiz sheet is available to guide the children in this search of eggs.

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    Trafalgar Square, will also be brimming with the crowd, which will gather to see the Easter play on Good Friday that will give visitors a great opportunity to reconnect themselves with story related to this Christian festival.

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    Dinner Cruise, for two persons with a welcome cocktail, al carte menu, live entertainment and dancing after dinner is also offered by various cruise companies on Easter, which operates from famous River Thames in London.

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    Wetland Centre, is another happening place to be on Easter. Here children will have lots of activities to perform, including duck related deeds. Additionally information regarding the duckling development will also be explained to kids.

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