List of Asian Supermarkets in London

Most of us love Chinese takeout. In some cases we may even try preparing Chinese food at home. This can difficult if you use the ingredients from your local grocery store. That is why its best to locate an Asian Supermarket close to you that can supply you with the best and freshest ingredients for your home cooked meals. In most cases Asian grocery stores will carry hard to find items that are part of Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian and Korean cooking. They will also stock popular brands and snacks from these countries. If you are looking to give your food an Asian touch or just want to try something new, then browse our list of Asian Supermarkets in London below:


  • 1

    Loon Fung, is an Asian supermarket that has several locations across London. They supply Chinese and oriental products to their customers through their outlets.

  • 2

    New Loon Moon Ltd, is a major Asian Supermarket of China Town in London. It has 4500 different products from all over Asia at their four floor market.

  • 3

    Wing Yip Cricklewood Superstore, has been in business for 40 years and has a large collection of Chinese groceries. They provide goods to regular customers and Chinese restaurants and caterers.

  • 4

    Tawana, is Thai supermarket that offers a full range of Oriental foods and ingredients. The staff is ready to guide you to the required section and they guarantee to carry the most obscure products in the market.

  • 5

    Hoo Hing Ltd, claims to be the UK's largest Chinese supermarket network. They supply products in bulk or individually at some of the best prices in London.

  • 6

    See Woo, sells and manufacturers oriental food products all across Europe. In London's China Town is their flagship Asian supermarket.

  • 7

    Longdan Ltd., is the top Vietnamese food supplier in the UK. They also have an online store that provides groceries from the Northern, Central and Southern regions of Vietnam.

  • 8

    Thai-An Oriental Food Store & Takeaway, is a family run shop that serves also serves traditional Chinese and Vietnamese ready cooked meals. The Asian supermarket also offer a 'steamboat dinner party at home' package.

  • 9

    Centre Point Food Store, is a Korean supermarket located in the Centre Point building. It carries most varieties of Korean brands and other Asian specialties.

  • 10

    Patel Brothers, is a specialist in Indian groceries and other Asian delights. They have forty years of experience in the South Asian food market.

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