List of Music Teachers in London

In order to become a professional musician, sensitivity and music appreciation are core requirements besides learning the skills from an expert trainer. So, if you’re the one who loves music and want to learn the insights of music for a successful career or just for your passion, you must be looking for best music teachers in London. There are a number of Music Teachers in London that provide comprehensive learning of music either by incorporating the required skills or refining them. It may be hard to find the best one as you cannot afford joining one just to try. Find a refined list of best music teachers in London and join the perfect one.


  • 1

    Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) is a professional association of experienced musicians which works all over in UK including London. ISM provides extensive training and learning in all sorts of musical equipment and genres.

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    Elephant Drums, provides comprehensive training in Drums at their London drumming studio. The association also offers the service of sending a musician to your home to teach music.

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    Robert Bentley, is a famous music teacher in London who specializes in Piano. Robert Bentley has a unique approach towards teaching music to refine the inner talent in a person and is very popular with students.

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    Done Steve, offers all kinds of music tuition with the aim of enhancing skills and teaching new ways of becoming a better musician.

  • 5

    Tygahoney Tuition, is a complete music training school which provides all sorts of learning programs which include songwriting, how to sing confidently, how to audition and how to project your voice.

  • 6

    Singing Is Fun Studios, is located at the South Lambeth Road. The studio offers specialized music training programs that will make you sing like a professional after completing their courses.

  • 7

    Grubsers is one of the leading music training academies in London which has groomed thousands of people into brilliant singers and musicians. If you want to become a singer or want to learn any musical instrument, Grubser’s is the place to go.

  • 8

    Axis Guitar Tuition, specializes in expert guitar lessons. The tuition covers all the aspects of theory and techniques which are involved in playing a guitar professionally.

  • 9

    The Rhythm Studio, is about learning any king of musical instrument in a professional way. Whether you want to play guitar, drum, piano or any other instrument, the Rhythm studio is the place to contact.

  • 10

    Key to Music, offers high quality music teaching all over London. The association provides the facility of teaching music at home, in schools or in their own studios.

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