Avoiding Kidnapping & Abduction in London

Kidnappings & abduction are not restricted to any one area in the world, they have become a global phenomenon, and the whole thing has transformed into a world-wide industry, fueling human trafficking networks and the likes. On a smaller scale, kidnappings for ransom are the most common, along with revenge abductions.

Given how large and busy a city London is, it’s very easy to go missing unnoticed. In this guide we will give you tips on avoiding kidnapping and abduction in London and protecting yourself and your loved ones.


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    Avoid risky areas, especially at night

    Crime indexes for areas of London are easily available on the web. You can search for areas which are known to have more instances of kidnapping and be cautious if you have to travel through them.

    Ideally, you should simply avoid any risky areas, especially at night. However, if you must go out, make sure you aren't alone.

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    No lifts from strangers

    You can't really trust anyone today, let alone a total stranger. Taking lifts is the biggest mistake people make. Even if you are getting late or are missing an appointment, it's better to use public transport or call a friend for help instead of sitting into a car with a stranger.

    Once you step into someone's car, you are quite helpless. You can't just jump out of a fast moving car, nor can you fight much. It's better to simply avoid this risk.

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    Lock your house properly every night

    Keeping the doors and windows of your house locked is wise, irrespective of the fact that you are home or not. Because an individual will not always be kidnapped off the street and there are instances when they are picked off their own property!

    Regardless of your neighbourhood and how safe it is, you need to be particular about properly locking down your house at night. This includes all the doors and windows. It's not uncommon for people to be picked up from their own properties.

    If your windows don't have metal bars, you might want to consider installing them. Similarly, make sure your doors are strong enough to hold intruders if you aren't investing in an alarm system.

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    Always keep your friends/family informed

    Whenever you are on the move or are traveling you should keep someone updated about your location. Your friends and family should be informed when it comes to your whereabouts, so that if anything untoward happens, they know what your last known location was.

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    Take a self-defense course

    Everyone should take self-defense courses regardless of whether they are in any danger or not. You never know when you might have to fend for your life, and a self-defense course will tell you all about the best practices, tips and tricks that could come in very handy in emergencies.

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    Have important numbers on your speed-dial

    The Metropolitan Police of London can be informed on their emergency number - 999. Moreover, you should have the numbers of your close friends and family members on your speed dial in case you need to urgently make a call.

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    Report suspicious activity

    Finally, even if you might not be in danger, you should report any suspicious activity to the Metropolitan Police of London. If you see a person forcing another into a vehicle or see someone held or kept without his/her consent, report to the authorities immediately.

    If you were kidnapped or abducted, you would want others to do the same for you.

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