Treasury Solicitor’s Department London

The Treasury Solicitor’s Department is  an in-house government legal service in the United Kingdom, and the largest one. The trend of providing legal services or advice to the Crown and the state is not new, as it dates back to King Ine’s reign. This later took the form of early Treasury Solicitor with the introduction of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1908. Today, it is declared as a non-ministerial department of the government and an executive agency that runs under the supervision of Treasury Solicitor. The head of Treasury Solicitor’s Department is accountable to the Attorney General for England and Wales. Under the supervision of Treasury Solicitor, this department can provide legal assistance to most of the government divisions.

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    Facilities & Services:

    The Treasury Solicitor's Department is basically a lawyers’ office that provides legal advice and service related to the treasury in England and Wales. The solicitors have access to nearly 180 divisions of the British central government -  for whom they provide legal assistance. The Treasury Solicitor's Department is also tasked with dealing with goods or property that have no ownership, commonly known as Bona Vacantai.

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    Organizational Structure:

    The structure of Treasury Solicitor's Department is as:

    The Treasury Solicitor
    Deputy Treasury Solicitor

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    Operational Hours:

    The Treasury Solicitor's Department remain open from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm.

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    How to Contact:

    If you seek any information from the Treasury Solicitor's Department in London then get in touch with the authorities on the telephone number or email address specified under.

    Contact: +44 20 7210 3000

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    One Kemble Street, London WC2B 4TS, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Treasury Solicitor's Department:

    By Tube

    Holborn tube station is about 0.3 miles away from the Treasury Solicitor's Department and at a distance of 5 minutes by walk. To get to the Treasury Solicitor's Department from the Holborn tube station tube, a user should head out south on Kingsway/A4200 towards Parker Street and then turn right onto Kemble Street in order to find the destination in front of him or her. View Map

    By Bus

    The nearest bus stop from the Treasury Solicitor's Department is Covent Garden Russell Street (Stop) that is 0.1 mile away from this division, which takes 2 minutes to cover by walk. Bus number that can led you to this bus stop is RV1, after which a bus user will head northeast on Russell Street towards Catherine Street to find the destination in front of him or her.

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