How to Get Papua New Guinea Tourist Visit Visa from London

Papua New Guinea is among the mysterious islands of the world. The diverse tradition of native people who speaks more than 800 different languages dated back to early B.C. Country has the most impressive caves, largest sinkholes, magnificent gorges, canyons and cliff walls in the World. It has always been a top place for the tourists of the World. Among many travellers are British residents who are fond of discovering new lands and exploring the world. Londoners can apply to Papua New Guinea High Commission in British capital for tourist visit visa. If you want a visa to make your trip to PNG, this step by step guide to get Papua New Guinea tourist visit visa from London will make the process easier for you.

Visit: Papua New Guinea High Commission


  • 1

    Application Form

    You can download application form available at the official website of the Papua New Guinea High Commission Website. Alternatively, you can download application form from the link given below.

    Click to Download Application Form.

  • 2


    After filling up the form attach the following documents:

    (a)    Completed application form duly signed by the applicant on the designated place.
    (b)   Passport that should be valid for at least 12 months on the time of application.
    (c)    Bank statement showing that you can bear the expenses of your visit to Papua New Guinea.
    (d)   Visa Fee
    (e)   Return Ticket
    (f)     Should prove that they are in good health both physically and mentally.

  • 3

    Visa Fee

    Fee for the visa is subject to change. Therefore you should make a call to the Visa section of the PNG High Commission to know about the current fee.

    Contact: +44 020 7930 0922

    Visa Fee can be paid in cash or through Postal Order made payable to the Name of the “Papua New Guinea High Commission, London”.

  • 4

    Submission of Application

    Application can be submitted in person or via postal service. Use only registered mail service to avoid loss of documents and to track delivery.  You also need to submit self-addressed, registered, stamped return delivery envelope with application to receive back the Visa.

  • 5

    Processing Time

    If you submit in person, the processing time is two working days. If you submit by mail, the processing time is one week.

  • 6

    Collect Visa

    You can collect your visa from the Visa section of the PNG High commission in London. If you submit your application by mail, you will have to wait for at least one week to receive your visa at given address.

  • 7


    Once you are in Papua New Guinea, the visa can be extended to 30 days by making an application to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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