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Many couples who can’t become parents tend to adopt a baby or a little child. The adoption not only consummates their lives but also gives the baby a home with a family where he is loved and cared for. However adopting a child usually requires a support service as the child needs to be properly gelled in the new family and the (adopting) parents also need a guideline to get along with the new child. The local councils, therefore, hold various sessions with the parents and child and also offer a host of services that an adopted baby or child may need to get at some point in time during his / her life.


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    Local Council

    The adoption support service is given by the local council of an area. To view your local council, click here.

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    Adoption support service for adopted people

    Adopted individuals may, at some stage in their lives, want to know the details about the circumstances that led to their adoption and may feel like accessing their adoption records. It is also their right to contact their birth parents if they want to do so. The local council not only provide these services but may also help in providing the below support services.

    - Provide support groups for adopted individuals.
    - Provide an intermediary service to contact birth relatives.
    - Give counseling regarding pre- and post-reunion.

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    Services for adopting families

    The adopting families may receive the below listed services from a local council.

    - Giving advice or counselling, both on the telephone and face to face.
    - Help in arranging contact with the child’s birth family and also provide mediation / resolve disagreement between the parties for contact arrangements.
    - Help by providing training and workshops.
    - At times provide financial support, which is decided on need-assessment and adopting parents’ financial stability.
    - Offer therapeutic services for children.
    - Hold annual family fun day and annual newsletter.

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    Services for Birth Relatives

    The birth relatives can receive the below listed services from the local council.

    - Give consultation and advice.
    - Help with contact arrangements and offer mediation service if the arrangement(s) are to be revised or if there is a disagreement regarding contact.
    - Offer information about support group.
    - Help if the birth family do not intend to be traced by the adopted relative.

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