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Rachel McMillan Nursery School has been serving this society for nearly a period of 100 years as this nursery was opened by two sisters Margaret and Rachel McMillan back in 1914. Right from its beginning, the class rooms of this nursery were set in the open air and called shelter. Several years have gone by since then, but even today the class rooms are still in open air and described as shelters, under the supervision of the current head teacher Theresa Lane. The quality and influential work of Rachel McMillan Nursery School has left deep impacts on the nursery practice the world over. Therefore, several nurseries have adapted to Rachel McMillan Nursery School’s way of education. Even latest researches have proved that Rachel and Margaret’s way of education is really beneficial for kids in the long term.

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    Rachel McMillan Nursery School Services:

    At Rachel McMillan Nursery School, children are offered various services that help kids in later parts of their life. For parents who are looking for nurseries in order to admit their children for early education, here is list of services that Rachel McMillan Nursery School provides:

    Allow children and adults to develop confidence, become able learners, independent and happy.

    Help boast kids’ self esteem and self expression.

    Providing a variety of playing experiences in order to build children’s knowledge, experiences, beliefs and culture.

    Provide a peaceful, friendly and helpful environment.

    Provide a secure and inspiring place to work and learn.

    Share information of children with their father, mother or care takers.

    Help children adjust to the environment of the nursery.

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    Operational Hours:

    Rachel McMillan Nursery School has a diverse timetable. Those who are interested in knowing the exact operational hours and time of other activities should click here.

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    How to Contact Rachel McMillan Nursery School:

    In order to make contact with the authorities or staff members of the Rachel McMillan Nursery School, people can either send them an email or get in touch with them over telephone by dialing the number provided below.

    Contact: +44 20 8692 4041 ‎

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    Rachel McMillan Nursery School Location:

    Mcmillan Street, London Area, London SE8 3EH, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Rachel McMillan Nursery School:

    By Tube

    Londoners can reach quite easily to Rachel McMillan Nursery School once they arrive at New Cross station. From the station they need to head north on Amersham Vale towards Douglas Way, then turn right onto Edward Street and after that turn left onto Deptford High Street before making a right turn onto Creek Road/A200. This will lead people to McMillan Street and by staying on that street, turn right and they will find the nursery on the left side. View Map

    By Bus

    Deptford High StreetEvelyn St (Stop C) is the nearest of all bus stops to Rachel McMillan Nursery School. Visitors can reach the nursery from this bus stop in roughly 2 minutes time by covering a distance of 436 ft by walk. Passengers should head north on McMillan Street towards Stowage and turn right to stay on McMillan Street. Soon they will find this nursery on the left. These are the bus numbers 47, 188, 199, N47 and N1 that will take you to Deptford High StreetEvelyn St (Stop C).

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