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For the XXX Olympiad London Aquatic Center was constructed on the 27th of July 2011, with the cost of £269 million. It is planned that this huge venue will mainly be used for water sports which includes, diving and swimming.  Famous architect, Zaha Hadid, who grabbed the spot light after winning the Pritzker Architecture Prize, beautifully designed this building. The curve roof of the building is capable enough to grab any one’s eye. London Aquatics Center can be considered as the most beautiful venue of 2012 Olympics. Though the venue is permanently build, still there are few extensions which will be removed after the games end, and the capacity will drop down to 2,500 from 17,000. Length of the roof is 11,200 square foot, while the width is of 80 meters. Three pools are constructed in the Aquatic Center; length of diving pool is 25 meter while the two swimming pools are built at 50 meters length.


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    Construction was started in April 2008, under the supervision of Balfour Beatty. The estimated cost which was previously decided was not enough; it took three times as much as the original estimation. The main idea was not only to facilitate Olympics with a venue, but to build such a venue which can easily acquire everyone’s attention. Visitors entering into the Olympic Park will first see upon this unique and distinctive piece of art. It took three years to complete 45 meters high, 80 meters wide and 160 meters long Aquatic Center.

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    What's inside the venue?

    With the measurements of 50m x 25m x 3m a 10 lane pool is constructed, along with a training pool which has similar length, 50 meters, but its width and depth is 21m x 2m. Diving pool is also available in the venue; length of the diving pool is 25m x 21m x 5m, while the boards are of different length 1m, 3m, 5m, 7.5m and 10m. Changing rooms along with seminar and sport science space hall is another facility present in the venue.

    The management has tried to facilitate the visitors in every possible way which is  why a café and a day care center is also present at the venue.

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    After the event:

    It has been decided by the management that after the prestigious event ends, this venue will be used in order to facilitate the elite swimmers along with local community, schools and clubs. Besides that in order to make the place more attractive, more provisions will be introduced like cafés etc.

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    Operational hours:

    Timings of the venue depend upon the event’s scheduled.

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    South-east corner, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, E15, E15 United Kingdom

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    How to Contact:

    During the season of XXX Olympiad London Legacy Company will be managing the venue. In order to contact the management for booking purpose or any kind of inquiries make use of the contact information given below:


    For the purpose of sponsorship send a mail on the address cited below


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    How to Get There:

    By Tube:

    0.4 mile distance between Stratford transit station and the Aquatic Center can be covered in 9 minutes, by walk. Initialize your march in the northeast direction after taking an exit from the station. Cover 0.3 mile distance on the Great Eastern Rd/A11 and then take a left turn and head towards the Grove. Keep on walking until you wrap up 0.1 mile. For detail route instruction take help from Pedestrian Path.

    By Bus:
    Warton Rd Stratford High St (Stop K) ‎is the nearest bus stop. In order to get dropped at Warton Rd Stratford High St (Stop K) take route number 25, 108, 276, 425 or N8.

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