Epsom Derby Festival in London

The Epsom Derby Festival is the highlight of England’s horse racing season. The race takes place at Epsom Downs Racecourse, which is a Grade 1 track in Surrey. The participating horses are expected to compete one and a half against other thorough breads who are all aged three years. The Epsom Derby, also considered to be the richest horse race in the United Kingdom, is one of the five Classics that is run in the UK every year. This prestigious event will also be hosting the Queen of England in 2012 and the royal visit is part of the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen, and Epsom Derby Festival is the opening event of the celebrations.

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    The Epsom Derby Festival got its start in 1779 as a celebration after the first Oakes Stakes. During the celebration, a new race was planned and it was named after the host of the event, the 12th Earl of Derby. This race was first run in 1780 and has evolved into today's festival. Initially the race was linked to Easter, and the race day has since been moved to the first Saturday of June. The event has inspired many other similar events all over the world and the name Derby has become common for big horse races the world over.

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    The festival is usually divided into two parts. The first day is reserved for entertainment and mingling of the crowds, while the second day is race day, with horses taking part in the high stakes event.

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    Important Dates

    The event is always planned for the first Saturday of June.

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    Epsom Derby Festival lasts for two days, with the last day as race day.

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    How to Contact

    The organizers of the derby can be contacted for sponsorship details, tickets and other reasons at the following numbers:

    General Enquiries: +44 1372 726 311
    Sales Enquiries: +44 1372 460 460
    Email: epsom@thejockeyclub.co.uk

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    Off Tattenham Corner Road,Epsom Downs,Epsom,KT18 5LQ, United Kingdom.

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    How To Buy Tickets

    The Epsom Derby is an exclusive event and visitors will need tickets to attend it. There is also a dress code that needs to be followed for both days.

    The tickets can be purchased online by clicking here . You will be taken to a page that lists all events at the venue. Click on "Book Now" for either Investec Ladies Day, or Investec Dervy Day. This will take you to the next screen which highlights all the stands and seating areas available. You can go through the details for each, and also see the price. Once you have decided where you would like your seating, click the radio button and then press "continue". You will be asked to add the number of tickets required, confirm the order, select delivery method and make payment. You can also use a credit card to make payments online.

    The tickets will either be available at the main booth on race day, or delivered to you according to the method of delivery that was selected.

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    How to get there

    By Tube:

    There is no underground stop in one mile radius of the race course. However, commuters can use the train to get to the festival. They can disembark at Tattenham Corner and head North on Royal Drive. They will then make a left onto Tattenham Crescent and a right onto Tattenham Corner. This will lead to a roundabout where the traveler will make the first exit onto route 22, which will lead straight to the race course.View Map

    By Bus:

    The bus stop named Tattenham Corner (opp Tattenham Crescent) is the closest to the race course. Commuters can use bus numbers 318, 460, 480, 518, 519 and 676 to get there.

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