List of Dog Parks in London

Since the concept of pet keeping, specially dogs, has increased in the past few years, the facilities provided for them have also increased. In a city like London, where there are usually not many houses that have open spaces or vast grounds, it is preferred by people to walk with their dogs in parks, where they can run and relax without any restrictions of space. This has led to many parks that now allow the activity and if you are looking for them, then this article will list down parks in London for dog walk. It is one of those activities that are not only healthy, provide you with an opportunity to let the serenity an area offers to sink in, but also gives you time to bond – in this case, with your pet.


  • 1

    Green Park is one of the Royal Parks that covers an area of 19 hectares, lying between the Hyde Park and St. James Park. It proves as a great place for dog walking.

  • 2

    Richmond Park has the most area as compared to the other Royal Parks and is a pleasingly beautiful place for people to not only walk their dogs but also enjoy the tranquility.

  • 3

    Regent's Park is situated in the part of London that is on the North-western side, containing zoo and the Regent’s college, and also providing a wide space for dog walking.

  • 4

    Kensington Gardens is another of the Royal Parks and that lies next to the Hyde Park, offering ample dog walking space where all the dog walkers come and enjoy.

  • 5

    Bushy Park is the second largest of the Royal Parks of London and is a few minutes walk away from the Kingston Bridge, where you can take your dog for a while and relax under the shade of trees.

  • 6

    Hyde Park is included in the Royal Parks of London and is JUST the place to relax in after a tiring day, or just to catch some fresh air. It has an area for dog walking too.

  • 7

    Greenwich Park is based on 74 hectares and is one of the oldest Royal Parks of England that boasts of dog walking sites.

  • 8

    Paddington Recreation Ground is known for the recreational facilities it provides, along with the opportunity to walk your dog in a peaceful setting.

  • 9

    Ravenscourt Park has previously won the Green flag award, boasting of large old trees and a soothing environment that a variety of people can enjoy, including dog walkers.

  • 10

    Brockwell Park is the place where you can expect to see a lot of young and old people besides dog walkers in its 50.8 hectares area, while enjoying a sunny day (which is a rarity!).

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