About Maslenitsa Russian Festival in London

Maslenitasa Russian Festival is a resplendent event which depicts the Russian culture in London city. The festival takes place at Trafalgar Square and is full of fun and entertainment, and people can visit it, dance and enjoy the music with full energy. It is a traditional family friendly event which hundreds of people attend without any ticket or entry pass. You will enjoy exclusive and live performances, games, songs competitions and stage performances by Theatre Chudaki. It is the biggest Russian event where Russian people from all over London get together and party in true Russian style. The festival attracts more than 160.000 Russians living in London to celebrate their cultural delights outside their home country.

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    Maslentisa is celebrated every year at the end of winter season. The festival is usually considered as a folk holiday for Russian people. Maslenstisa is an annual celebration before Easter so people coming to this festival find an excuse to entertain themselves by drinking beer and enjoy exclusive performances.  The traditional meal of the festival is Bliny, also called pancakes, which are used to represent the sun. It is usually a round shaped cake in golden color.

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    There are plenty of activities for families and children coming to the festival, and no event can be more colorful and impressive without music. People can enjoy cheerful and lively day at the festival, and Russian heritage with a combination of dance and folk music can be witnessed there. Children’s group prepares some traditional songs, and a number of competitions like snowball games and other street entertainment are held. In addition, there are some exciting fashion shows organized by the up-coming and renowned Russian designers.

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    Important Dates:

    Although there is no exact date, but the event is usually celebrated at the end of winters in February and March every year.

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    The festival goes on for more than a week.

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    How to contact:

    If you have any queries regarding the date or place, you can contact on this number.

    Telephone: +44 20 8832 7424

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    Trafalgar Square, City of Westminster, WC2N 5DN United Kingdom.

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    How to get there:

    By tube:

    You can find Charing Cross Station near Trafalgar Square. It is a 2 minutes walk. Move southwest to Whitehall, and then to A3212 and you will find your destination. View map

    By bus:

    The nearest bus station to Trafalgar Square is Trafalgar Square (Stop C) and you will find buses 24, 29,176, N5, N20, N29 and N41 to reach your destination.

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