The Big Egg Hunt Event in London

Easter egg hunts are a tradition in many parts of the western world. Most people setup egg hunts at work, school or their neighborhood. However, London has a different twist on the event and every year a large number of residents take part in the Faberge Big Egg Hunt. Large eggs that measure approximately two and a half feet are placed all over London. These eggs are usually designed by some of the biggest names in the art world and people taking part in the hunt must locate all 200 of them. The yearly event supports a number of charities and the Big Egg Hunt is used to raise money and funds for these organizations.

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    The concept of large decorated ceramic eggs was put together by Tom Parker Bowles who was inspired by the Elephant Parade that took place in 2010. In November 2011 the food writer brought together the top designers and artists in London and distributed the eggs among them. These talented individuals then went about creating a unique piece of art that was to be displayed on the streets of London. On February 21, 2012 the egg hunt was kicked off as all the eggs were placed in there own locations. The eggs had a unique bar code associated with them which were used by hunters to identify and log their find. The participants had a chance to win a Faberge Diamond Jubilee Egg which was estimated to be worth 100,000 pounds. The turn out for the Big Egg Hunt was so large that the event broke the Guinness Record for most entrants in an egg hunt event.

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    There is a plan to feature several different activities with the main one being the actual egg hunt in central London. After the completion of the hunt, all the eggs will be moved to one location for display. These eggs will then be auctioned off one by one. The money gathered from the auction will be used to support two charities called Action for Children and Elephant Family

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    Important Dates:

    Easter is the time around which the Big Egg hunt is scheduled. Important dates include 15th February, when the The Big Egg Shops open up in Selfridges. The actual hunt starts on 21st February. This is also the  date for online bidding and entry to the Jubilee Egg start. On 20th March the live auction of 30 exclusive eggs starts at the Fabrege Big Egg Banquet. From 3rd April to 9th April all 200 eggs are put on display. 10th April is big draw and closing of event.

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    The event last for approximately 2 months.

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    How to Contact

    There are no tickets to the event and any one can participate. In order to get in touch with the organizers, you can click here to send a message online.

    You can also contact Faberge at the following:
    Contact: +44 20 7491 7256 ‎

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    The eggs will be hidden in 12 Egg zones all over central London. To see the different zones click here.

    The main sponsor of the event is Faberge and have following details:

    54 Jermyn Street, City of Westminster, SW1Y 6LX, United Kingdom

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    How to get there

    By Tube

    To reach Faberge by tube you will need to use Green Park Tube station. Once you leave the platform head North East on Piccadilly. From there make a right onto Saint James Street and then a left on to Jermyn Street. View Map

    By Bus

    There are many buses that head towards the location of Fabrege. You can use the St James', Old Bond Street Royal Academy (Stop G) bus stop. This location is services by bus numbers 14, 19, 22, 38, N19, N22, N38, N52 and N97.

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